Meet Ups (and Meet Missed Mates)

Meet Ups (and Meet Missed Mates)

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Meet Ups (and Meet Missed Mates)

I have always thought the Byrds version of Mr Tambourine Man
was wimpy and sickly compared to the raw gutsy Dylan original.

And I was thinking these very thoughts when I logged onto
RHP and saw this: Thread 139945

Tom Tom

(I’ll leave in the spelling mistake so I’m not the only one
on this blob, sorry blog, who has a spelling error.)

The punters quick and eager to flock around to Tom Tom’s pad
started asking “North West of where?” .

If someone lives North West of Tom Tom then to get to him
they will have to travel South East and someone living directly West
of Tom Tom has to travel directly East.

So Tom Tom failed to give correct and proper directions. Yes?


You see Tom Tom was correct.
Here on RHP the chessboard is our world and if we put
a map of the world onto our chessboard.

The World of RHP

You will see it all makes sense. North West is the Black Queenside.
Tom Tom lives on a7 or b7. Now go and meet him.
green bar

What is it they say? It aint over till the fat lady sings.
(I wonder is she does a version of Mr Tambourine Man?)

kewo - fval RHP 2006

This is the position when the fat lady walked on stage. White to play,

Yes White is a Rook, two pawns and the exchange down
and has no threats.

And this is the position when the fat lady left.

Here is how the last sad song went.

Ideas in Action (and their Miscalculation) No.145
A popular feature this one.
A player has the right idea but screws it up trying to implement it.

gussie - tinbishop RHP 2007 White to play.

Two pawns down and holes around his King White goes for the win
of a pawn swapping off the Rooks and exposing Black’s King.

Big Ideas. This guy I like. Let’s see what happened.

This next one is good.
Same theme, it has a perpetual at it’s root.

White to play can take the Qe5+ - Qf6+ pep anytime he wants and this
perpetual hangs over Black's head for most of the game but White
refuses to take it despite being ½ a chess set down.

Then we witness a unique moment in Chess.
One player misses a mate in one and the very next move
that player is mated in one.

I won’t spoil it for you

jvecchio - gafford RHP 2007

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