Missing the  Morphy Pattern.

Missing the Morphy Pattern.

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Missing the Morphy Pattern.

I pick this up on my travels around the various chess sites.

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green pawns

What game is this final position from?

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I'm not, but are you sure it known by everyone?

mlplider - fishedout RHP 2019

Black played 10....Nxb3 11.Rd8 mate.

Lenc - johnj RHP 2019

Black played 10...Nxe4 11.Rd8 mate.

Those are just a few of the fairly recent examples. There is also the mirror mating pattern.

gina0104 - kirbythecat RHP 2020

Black played 15...a6 16.Re8 Mate.

alenin2700 - Mott The Hoople RHP 2019

Black played 18...Nxd5 19.Re8 mate.

Some of you may remember Fat Lady who was a regular here. He recently sent me a
game. It proves he can call on the Morphy Mating Pattern at will...and then forget it!

Fat Lady was White and it is a blitz game from a few days ago.

I too screwed up a Morphy Mate and I do not have the excuse of it being blitz.
Mine was an OTB game and although a rapid (25 minutes each) it’s still a sin.

G. Chandler - D. Kelly, Grangemouth Allegro 1994

We end this section with a wonderful 16 mover from RHP which has the Morphy theme.

playitagain - George of the jungle RHP 2005

green pawns


Don’t skip past this one, you will miss a wonderful piece of chess.
This is a joint composition by B. Lindgren and H. P. Rehm 1980.

White to play and force Black to mate him. Every one of Black's moves is forced.

green pawns

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Where we look back at a game from an old blog that had something
rather unique, instructive or humorous about it. (I try to get all three)

This one is from 2011 when I was looking at perpetual checks to see if any were
not draws, a player could give mate or the player getting checked could escape.

I happened upon this position from Apee - Slow Racer, RHP 2008

12...Qd7 13.Qa8+ Qd8 14.Qc6+ is indeed a perpetual check.

Intrigued by the Black pieces on a1 and b1 I decided to go through the whole game.

And now as promised a genuine mate from an old date.

J. Sarratt - Not Known, London, 1818.

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