My Day Job + 8 Queens +Zebano

My Day Job + 8 Queens +Zebano

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My Day Job + 8 Queens +Zebano

I’ve been enjoying my new job.
I’m an air traffic controller at Edinburgh Airport.

A great job. Loads of laughs.
I never realised the power an air traffic controller has.
These pilots do everything you tell them.

I found the flashing lights and warning bleeps on my consul a bit annoying,
especially when I’m reading. But I have found out you can unscrew the lights
and disconnect the speakers.

When I’m bored I create my own entertainment.
I phoned up my brother and told him to look out of his window.
Two minutes later flight BA 245 from Birmingham flew that low over
his house it blew all the snow from his roof.

A few days later I was listening to the football on the radio so I ordered
the Virgin V867 from Aberdeen to fly over the stadium at 100ft.
I heard the screaming engines on the radio and commentators diving for cover.

Of course I’ve divided the skies above Edinburgh into a giant chessboard.


I found it easier to keep track of the planes this way and it also
opened the door on some more fun.

I had the Dublin Easy Jet and a plane from Norway flying back forth
between h1 and e1 for over an hour. I'm castling in the sky.
What wonderful buffoonery.

Look at what I did with the flights from London, Berlin and Copenhagen.
I have tripled e-planes!

Edinburgh Again

Of course the skies the limit (an intended pun) and soon I was trying all kinds of things.

Problem buffs will know of the 8 Queens problem.
Place all 8 Queens on the board so that none are attacking each other.

My task was to place eight planes over Edinburgh without none crashing into eash other.

It took a while and I had to divert some flights to Glasgow but
at 11:23 am on the 6th of February I finally did it.

And Edinburgh Again

The 8 Queens problem in the skies over Edinburgh.

One or two near misses and the flight from Rome nearly ran out fuel but it was worth it.

A couple of ashen faced pilots complained. You would think that with
all the money these guys are getting paid they would lighten up a bit.

I have only recently discovered I have the authority to scramble
the fighter jets from RAF Lossiemouth.

When you read about a jet shooting down a cargo plane over f7 you
will know it’s me replaying one of Morphy’s games.

I have work in the morning but it’s a job I can do better when I have a severe hangover so I'm off to Sandy Bells.

Keith Ruxton

OK Here is Zebano v Amsterdam RHP 2007.
The Black King flies all the way to e1 and gets mated.

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Comments (7)

  • Posted 3214 days 6 hours and 58 minutes ago
    Standard memberZalindras
    Enjoyed reading about your antics as an air traffic controller, and all i can say is - glad i don't live near an airport! 😀
  • Posted 3216 days 13 hours and 10 minutes ago
    I'm not. Reckon I do 100 before I stop.

    I usually post on a Sunday but last night was watching
    Leyton Orient v Arsenal and got a bit drunk.

    Also scraping about for an idea... It will come it always does.
  • Posted 3217 days 11 hours and 49 minutes ago
    Standard memberdogfish44
    Please say you're not leaving the blog.

    PLEASE say you're not leaving the blog.

  • Posted 3227 days 1 hour and 59 minutes ago
    fixed - it's game 586305 1 won't be trying that one again
    in a hurry.
    If he plays 7.Na3 I can see nothing but gloom and doom.
  • Posted 3228 days 10 hours and 6 minutes ago
    Standard memberrja211077
    i think the game number 586305 in your first Zebano example is wrong
  • Posted 3229 days and 36 minutes ago
    I have played The Zeb 4 times (4-0 to me).
    Good clean games.

    He could have hammered me on here when I went for
    a cheap opening trap (even by my standards) in the Latvian.

    I had been scoring well with 3...Nc6 v 3.Nxe5 in the Lat when years
    ago I found some games where Black was getting smashed with 4.d4!
    So following a game of I think Hectors I sniffed out a trap.

    It violates every known opening priciple including some
    that have not yet been written.

    If I was White I would have hammered me but Zeb let me off.
    Game 586305.

    I also have a 5 move win as Black in a Latvian v Zeb.
    Game 5260936
  • Posted 3229 days 16 hours and 43 minutes ago
    Standard memberExuma
    Zebano is one of my favorite RHP players. Smart and creative
    Last Post
    06 Dec '19
    Blog since
    06 Jul '10