My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

The Planet Greenpawn

My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

This is it. A chewing gum card.

Bobby Fischer

On the back it reads:

The Back

….er that’s it.

(Show us more Treasured Items Greenpawn…………..Russ)

I can’t. I’ve mislaid them.
green bar

In the last blog Chessicle found a defensive idea in one of the games
and then repaired it. (see Thread 141949).

I often add a thread in the Chess Forum after a blog so we can see any
other games or ideas linked to the theme. I’ll give a link to the forum thread
at the end of the this blog.

Chessicle chose the theme for this week’s mating patterns. The Hook.

Mating Patterns. THE HOOK
It is a mate set up with the Rook and Knight. This example will show it.

ivanhoe - ActuaryMan RHP 2006

White has sacced his Queen for a Rook & Knight and a few pawns.
The critical factor being the state of both Kings.

A fine example of Bronstein’s answer to what is the strongest move on the board.

“Who ever has the move.”

Black to play mates in one. But it is White to play.

A handy position to know.
In chriskapsio - boidos RHP 2008 the pattern was apparently unknown to Black.

RegisMan - PigBenis RHP 2003

I’m spotting the mating pattern…

But it cannot be forced. Black spots a hook trap and goes for it.

wedgehead2 - MilkyJoe RHP 2009

mrshogi - Imnotkasparov RHP 2005

Where we back track seven moves before the mate and see what is going
on in both players minds.

LAHORE - abcdqazi RHP 2009

So desperate was Black to get onto the Blog he missed mate in one.

mikeviking - kristjan RHP 2008

The technique of Chess. Go two pawns up…swap Queens…

By now you are an expert on the Hook Mating Pattern.
How does Black continue from here?

andythekiller - JohngMiller RHP 2008

If you chose Rc8 then going to c1 then you are wrong. Too obvious.
Try if you can to mask your intentions.

Watch Black prove there is more than one way to bait a hook.

Enough of the hook mate I’m thinking.

We end with our traditional piece of fun.

I was hoping against hope I could find a player called ‘Hook’ who
did indeed play a hook mate.

Well I found a lad called ‘Hooked’ he was not involved in a hook mate.
But he was involved in this.

prabhu7777777 - hooked RHP 2009

Blog thread link Thread 142092

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Comments (6)

  • Posted 2997 days 7 hours and 56 minutes ago
    You are correct Marink.
    As I said White wanted to do it the simple way without saccing
    the exchange. He fully expected NxQ+.

    The Mating Pattern is there to help the defender as well as the
    attacker. White just missed the Hook Mate.

    If it had been a one on one OTB game then the chances are White
    would have seen it. On here the lads are playing x amount of games
    simultaneously sometimes just going through the motions.
  • Posted 2997 days 9 hours and 29 minutes ago
    In mikeviking - kristjan RHP 2008 i wonder if you feel 4.Rxf3 to be winning for white or black? It seems to me black would have serious difficulty stopping the pawns with no helpful checks on the board..
  • Posted 3001 days 14 hours and 32 minutes ago
    ..mumble...bloody nit-pickers...mumble.....grumble...

    You saw what I wrote but knew what I meant.


    Those who have tackled putting notes between these {} with the spaces
    will know what a battle it is if you get one space wrong.
    I always re-writting my notes. Originially the Queen did this,
    the Queen did that...then left a Queen in.

    Good shows you are paying attention.
  • Posted 3001 days 18 hours and 12 minutes ago
    Standard membermorgski
    It seems harsh that the only comments are pendantic though. This mating pattern sequence of blogs is almost like a challenge to the RHP players of "can you pull off this one this week?" I like it
  • Posted 3001 days 23 hours and 25 minutes ago
    Standard memberrange blasts
    Thanks for the blog GP! Amazing as always. Since the only other comment here is spotting an error, I decided to follow the trend. "The Queen has nicked two pawn and rushes back to defend her Queen. A faithful lady." from the kristjan game, pretty sure you mean King.
  • Posted 3002 days 1 hour and 42 minutes ago
    Standard membermorgski
    Awesome blog as always GP. I'm going to be the first to spot the one tiny error ๐Ÿ™‚ Nh2 not Nh7 in the LAHORE game? ๐Ÿ˜‰
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