New RHP Rules and the Sockdolager?

New RHP Rules and the Sockdolager?

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New RHP Rules and the Sockdolager?


Today we have a bit of fun by looking at the new value
of the pieces and apparently a new winning rule.

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So we must forget:

Pawn = 1
Knight = 3
Bishop = 3
Rook = 5
Queen = 9

And you no longer win by checkmating the King.

New RHP numbers.

Pawn = 1
Knight = 3
Bishop = 3
Rook = 5
Queen = 9

Same as normal but we must add:

The a1 Rook = 99

And if the a1 Rook gets taken you lose.

These new rules come from Mr Frosty, Mr Bester, Dule Savic and Nancy Sinatra.

Mr frosty - ggoulam. RHP 2004

Mr Bester v Coquette RHP 2009

And finally a game showing the new mate.

Dule Savic - checkmateman RHP 2006

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“Black’s game was a disgrace to the human race.”

This was Bobby Fischer’s comment on the following game in the August 1968
issue of Boys Life. It was the first time a computer beat a human in a tournament.

MacHack IV - Ben Landy, Boston 1967.

When computers talk amongst each other, and they do.
They often mention this game and it’s Morphy Mate.

Not bad. That was 1967. Ben won the rematch in 1969.
Computers don't mention that when they talk to each other.

The commercial dedicate machines you can buy are
good for messing about with. I have a MEPHISTO.

Here is me playing White with it’s level set at L5.
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It features the old 1-2-3-4 mate. Here is the bones of the old 1-2-3-4 mate.

Black’s 14th move is a move no reasonable human
would play.It shows the ‘horizon effect’ in all it’s glory.

I did not have all the win worked out. I just knew wrecking
it’s King’s protection and giving me Qh5 with a tempo would
give me a huge attack. What I took in a two second glance .
you will to when you see it, took programmers years ot redress.

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A Sockdolager?

I first saw this term in a Chernev book and wondered about it then.
Recently I came across this advert.

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I saw this book advertised in the UK but never with the ‘Sockdolager’ tag.

What is a Sockdolager?
Do you put something heavy into a sock and dolaged someone with it?

(Nancy Sinatra does a dreadful version of ‘Light My Fire.’ rest of the stuff not too bad.)

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  • Posted 3320 days 14 hours and 28 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    When I was new to chess I bought an old copy of Horowitz's "Chess Openings: Theory and Practice". As I flipped through it, I noticed that the King's Indian Defense, the Pirc Defense, and the King's Indian Attack all were the same position after 5 moves. Ol' beginner me thought "Wow! If I play these, I can go 5 moves into any game without being out of book! Brilliant!"
    Fifteen years later GM Yasser Seirawan writes "Winning Chess Openings", and in it he advocates the KIA, the KID, and the Pirc for the very same reason.
    And he still doesn't give me credit for the idea.
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