Players Resigning in Drawn Positions

Players Resigning in Drawn Positions

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Players Resigning in Drawn Positions

Hi Chaps.

Don’t’ bother looking at this.

I wrote to FIFA to see if I could take the place of Magnus Carlsen
in the World Chess Championship.

They wrote back asking what team does he played for.

OOPS Wrong FIFA, that is football.

I wrote to FIDE to see if I could take the place of Magnus Carlsen
in the World Chess Championship.

They asked if I was any good.

“I know the rules.”

Do I have a grade.

“A Grade III swimming certificate.”

Am I a male model?

I sent them this,


They said they will let me know.

green bar

Right I need a theme for this week.

How about players who have resigned when they had no need to.

tmills - evgeni burdarov RHP 2006

Black Resigned?? White has the wrong Bishop to force home the pawn.

Try it. Only an idiot would play on as White trying to win this.

A Dipstick

In my first ever tournament in Germany 1972 I tried to win such an ending.
Of course I realised after a few moves it was impossible.

(Actually that’s a lie. The controller, who was waiting to make the next round
pairing, stopped the game declaring it a draw. I still think he robbed of ½ point.)

extremista - chr650 RHP 2008

White is in check

A choice of two moves.

1. Ka1 draws. The King cannot be forced off a1
2. 1.Ka3 losses 1…Bb3 2. Kb4 (forced) Kb2 and the pawn sails home.

White played 1.Ka3?


Same mistake, same side of the board, colours reversed.

HFRPB - zahi74 RHP 2008

Black played 1…Ka6? 2.Bb6 1-0.

daniv - Orsocurioso RHP 2007

Black Resigned?

Recap: With h-pawns and a-pawns if the Bishop does not control
the Queening square and the opposing King CAN reach the
Queening square then the game is drawn.

This is a draw no matter whose move it is.
It does not matter if there are extra pawns on the Rook files.

This is a draw.

If the Bishop DOES control the Queening square then it’s easy.
Infact it’s so easy you do not even have to promote the pawn.

A Dimwit

sergen1976 - LightSoul RHP 2005.

This is how to do it.

OK now solve this. Study by J. Kricheli 1984

White to play and draw


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  • Posted 3262 days 8 hours and 38 minutes ago
    Standard membermusirapha
    Hi! Thanks very much for sharing this brilliant study by Kricheli.

    ... And what about players drawing in winning positions, signor Greenpawn ? 😉
  • Posted 3276 days 13 hours and 41 minutes ago
    Standard membertomtom232
    What?... teh pgn tingy don't work.
  • Posted 3276 days 13 hours and 43 minutes ago
    Standard membertomtom232
    [pgn][Event "Grob's Attack II"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2008.08.27"]
    [EndDate "2008.10.24"]
    [Round "1"]
    [White "tomtom232"]
    [Black "ItsYouThatIAdore"]
    [WhiteRating "1373"]
    [BlackRating "2137"]
    [WhiteELO "1373"]
    [BlackELO "2137"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [GameId "5366133"]
    [SetUp "1"]
    [FEN "rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/6P1/8/PPPPPP1P/RNBQKBNR b QKqk g3 0 1"]

    1. d5 Bf1g2 2. e5 h3 3. Bc8e6 c3 4. Nb8c6 d4 5. exd4 cxd4 6. Bf8e7 Nb1c3 7. h6 Ng1f3 8. Ng8f6 Nf3e5 9. Be7d6 Ne5xc6 10. bxc6 Qd1a4 11. Qd8d7 e4 12. dxe4 Nc3xe4 13. Nf6xe4 Bg2xe4 14. Be6d5 Ke1d1 15. Bd5xe4 Rh1e1 16. Qd7e6 Qa4b3 17. Qe6xb3 axb3 18. O-O Re1xe4 19. Rf8b8 Kd1c2 20. Rb8e8 Re4xe8 21. Ra8xe8 Bc1e3 22. Re8a8 Ra1a6 23. Kg8f8 Ra6xc6 24. Kf8e7 Rc6a6 25. Ke7e6 Kc2d3 26. Ke6d5 Ra6a5 27. Kd5c6 d5 28. Kc6b7 Be3d4 29. g6 Kd3c4 30. a6 b4 31. Ra8e8 b5 32. axb5 Kc4xb5 33. Re8a8 Ra5xa8 34. Kb7xa8 Kb5c6 35. f5 gxf5 36. gxf5 Bd4c5 37. Bd6h2 b4 38. h5 d6 39. cxd6 Bc5xd6 40. Bh2g1 b5 41. Bg1
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