Pseudo Queen Sacs + A RHP Missed Brilliancy

Pseudo Queen Sacs + A RHP Missed Brilliancy

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Pseudo Queen Sacs + A RHP Missed Brilliancy

Pick a Book…Any Book.

A book about horses

A Chess Book you Dollop.

A Chess Book

Now pick a diagram...Any Diagram.

Four Diagrams

Here are the first four diagrams in the book and you have to find
the easy move that picks up material left hanging.

I always look at these things to see if there any sneaky come-backs or other ideas.
The first three are clear enough. White to play in all four.

(1) 1.Rxg5
(2) 1.Bxh8
(3) 1.Bxa8

But the fourth position 1.Qxb7. Can it be improved with 1.Nd5

Black has to move the Queen and still cannot save the b-pawn.

1.Nd5 Qd7 2.Qxb7

And White keeps initiative (often lost for a few moves after winning material)
due to the threat of 3.Qxc6 Qxc6 4.Ne7+ winning a piece.

Moot point?

Of course it is but regular visitors will recall the fun we had when I found
an interesting diagram in a Chess magazine and we eventually tracked down
the full score and unearthed a mini-masterpiece.
Not to mention learning about so called drawn Knights endings.
(A good post that one. Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates).

So the theme this week is a Pseudo Queen sacs leading to a Knight Fork.
Again RHP furnishes all the examples.

fckallie - ShallowBlue RHP 2004

White played 17.Qxc6 Qxc6 18 Ne7+ coming out a piece up and 1-0 four moves later.


SAADGEORGE - peacedog RHP 2008

Black only saw the threat to the c7 pawn and played 14….Rc8
15.Qxc6 was enough. Black saw the coming Ne7+ and resigned.

RiverThames - daisydidata RHP 2007
And we witness Black building his own gallows.

Black played 18…b6? 19.Qxc6! 1-0 a few moves later.

From Black’s point of view.

machinethis - ZugZwang4 RHP2007

White played 13.Rb1 Qxc3! Black won easily.

So the pattern is easy to store.
You need a Knight fork-check in the position, a Queen defending a piece
(always fertile tactical hunting ground, Queens make lousy defenders.) and a Queen
(or anything really, I’m using a Queen for effect) attacking the defended piece.

Here it is in action.

bbarr - romaxt RHP 2002

They do get missed!

atlantean - Apee RHP 2009

Black missed 13…Qxc3 with 14…Ne2+ to follow, instead he took the c2 pawn.

and sadly here is a slightly different setting.

krugerand - kenan RHP 2008

Black missed 19….Qxc1+ 20.Qxc1 Ne2+ winning a Rook.

Staying with Knights forking Queens and a switch of attack squares. (f6/f3)
This is a common winning fork v a castled position.

If the Knight gets a free check on f6 then all these squares are taboo for a Black Queen.
RHP tosses up 100’s of examples.

rlchapman - yavexel RHP 2007 sets the scene. White to play.

The danger sign is the Queen being the sole protector of the d7 Bishop.
Combination seeds are planted and ideas are grown.

You should avoid (if you can) such situations. Not only do they limit your defensive
possibilities but they give your opponent something to work with.
So they start calculating and plotting for ways to take advantage of your condition.
Pretty soon they spot the combo (these Knight forks are relatively easy to spot).

We can look at the full game that led to the above position and see the end.

krugerand - kenan RHP 2008

Finally a Queen sac/Knight Fork and a cocked up brilliancy.

ZadokThePriest - Feicko RHP 2009

White to play.

White sacced two Bishops to get here and 19.Nh5 looks like the move.

The threat is Qg7 mate or Nxf6+ and Qh7 mate. and I’d guess that 19.Nh5 was
the quickest move he played after the opening. It pays to triple-check your
'winning move', it is often the cause for throwing a won game.
After 19.Nh5 White (Yes White) resigned two moves later.

The correct Knight move was 19. Nge4

The threat of Nxf6+ is fatal, the difference being the White Queen holds h2.
Yes "holds h2." Black can pull out a defensive resource well worth remembering.

I’ll give the full game, always instructive to see the build up to a catastrophe.
What a pity White messed it up.

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Comments (10)

  • Posted 3058 days 12 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Hi ChessKid.

    I like to keep them simple as I'm writing for the weakest reader and at the same time trying to keep the stronger players interested. (hard).

    The theme here, which can happen anywhere on the boar, is to lure a piece onto a square where it can be knight-forked.

    I'm always on the look out for a good positional game from the 1400DB but just when I think I have one. BANG! one lad drops a piece.

    It's tactics all the way on here. The two move tirck is winning 99%
    of the games so I am drumming that into them.

    Once they have that mastered then they can move onto someone else.
  • Posted 3058 days 22 hours and 16 minutes ago
    Standard memberchesskid001
    Although the tactics aren't too difficult, the old take on c3/c6 and Ne2/e7+ still trips up even strong players, and reading this post will definitely make me less likely to miss it in my future games. Thanks for posting.
  • Posted 3059 days 11 hours and 26 minutes ago
    Standard memberpawne4
    hi these are good ideas thanks ! cant wait for it to be in a postion in one of my games hopefully for me to get the advantage cheers pete
  • Posted 3063 days 1 hour and 22 minutes ago
    Hi Wolf.

    Bet on horses that have chess sounding names.
    King's Pawn, Proud Knight, Happy Queen etc etc.
    If you see a horse called Green Pawn then put your mortgage on it.

    Hi Kyplor

    I leave a mistake in every week just for you.
    I am beginning to think it is the sole reason for your existence. 😉

    Corrected and Thanks.
  • Posted 3063 days 3 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Standard memberKyplor
    Hi GP. It's me again. In your notes for the Take For Nothing diagram, this:
    (3) 1.Bxa1
    should be:
    (3) 1.Bxa8

    Thank you. :-)
  • Posted 3063 days 3 hours and 32 minutes ago
    Standard memberwolfgang59
    Now tell us how to win on the horses!

    Thanks again GP
  • Posted 3063 days 6 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Hi Ketch.

    I've played over every game on RHP and memorised the lot.

    (with all these bad moves rolling around inside my skull
    you should see the nightmares I'm having.) 😉
  • Posted 3063 days 9 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Great read, very eye opening. Thanks.
  • Posted 3063 days 11 hours and 47 minutes ago
    Standard memberWanderingKing
    Hey, Greenpawn. Thanks for these blog entries. I'm learning a lot from you.
  • Posted 3063 days 12 hours and 10 minutes ago
    Do you scour the archives for these games? tia
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    06 Dec '19
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