Queen Rosaline + Sharp Practise with the Duck

Queen Rosaline + Sharp Practise with the Duck

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Queen Rosaline + Sharp Practise with the Duck

Love finding games on this site that seem to break all the rules.
We were talking on the Forum about the Pin Variation of the Sicilian
and I found this game.

Look at this position.

Fnugbatter - rosaline RHP 2005

For the exchange (Rook for Bishop) White has a massive lead in development.
Look at the threats. Qxh7, Bxh7, Nb5.
Look at the dark squares all around the Black King. White’s c8 Bishop
has Bg5, Bf4 or Ba3 and the Knight after Nb5 then hits c7 or d6.

Black’s only developed piece is the Black Queen and regular readers will
know I never class the Queen as developed if she can be hit by minor pieces
and even then if her Royal Nibs is out before the minor bits, the gallant
Knights and Pious Bishops she often as not just gets in their way.

This is all over. It will be a brutal slaughter.

Then my red rimmed eyes fell onto 0-1.

Must have been by timeout I’m thinking, either that or White dropped his Queen.

What a game.
The Black Queen, Queen Rosaline somehow holds it all together.
In the words of The Beatles, She is here, there and everywhere.
Thwarting mates, setting up tricks and covering loose pieces.

Black Queen

Of course White missed a win(s) but the one I have chosen works because
Black plays a move White thought he had prevented. Read on….

Game Fragment One.

White to play - you have seen the game.
What would you do?

Game Fragment Two

White to play.

After I played out the game I went through it again looking for a missed
White win. There had to be something in there. Something easy and cute to write up.

Game Fragment Three

The last White trap.

green bar
The Duck

Hi guys.

Look at this. White to move.

What would you do?

It’s from a game in the 1910 BCM between two unknown players.

(The unknown bit has me strongly suspecting this position has been composed. GP.)

wee duck
Green Gums stay out of my bit.

White noticed if the c4 pawn was not there then he would have mate in 5.
So playing a move like 1.Kb1 hoping Black plays 1…cxb3 will only
alert Black that something was on.

So White played. 1.Nd5.

Now the sharp eyed readers will notice right away that is an illegal move.
The Black player did as well and claimed since an illegal had been made
White must move his King.

So White put the Knight back on b3 and played 1.Kb1. This happened.

Please try this at home.

Beaver the Historian

That King must move if an illegal move had been made was a very old rule
practised in some parts of the world.
It is now replaced by touch move.
In the above position White would have to retract the illegal move, put the Knight
back on b3 and move that Knight.

Apparently Tarrasch won once thus:

wee duck
Hey GP who was that?

Wee me
I’ve no idea these things are popping all over the place.

green bar
We finish with another game in this sharp line of the Sicilian.
The player of the White pieces was 14 years old at the time.

Kasparov - West
USSR v Australia Telex Match 1977

wee duck
A Kasparov game in the greenpawn blog - he’s gone up market.

This blog is me enjoying myself, a wee hobby.
But when I am serious about about chess, I really am serious.


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