Raymond Keene's Book of Gambits

Raymond Keene's Book of Gambits

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I have hundreds of chess books, yes hundreds and I never realised
just how boring the covers are. Most are like this below. Boring.
Title here
You can see my imagination really went overboard on that one.

So why pick it? Because Raymond Keene gives each gambit a rating.
Title here

On this page we shall endeavour to seek out the one star ratings:
And find a win with a Red Hot Player playing and winning with it.

The Charlick-Englund gets the one star treatment. We have RHP wins.

In truth it is a one trap opening yet 18 Black RHP players have fallen for it.

So whose game do I pick. I’ll go for Dicey Reilly he has two wins with it.

Anatoly Ledgerdemain - Dicey Reilly RHP 2010 and frazzz - Dicey Reilly RHP 2011

red pawns

Raymond has this to say on page 100.
Title here

He is wrong with the name (Schulze - Muller) that name belongs to another
opening that Keene does not mention. The Schulze - Muller is better known
as the ‘Halloween Gambit.’ It has many followers who play this all the time.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6

White now plays 4.Nxe5 and the fun begins

But we have to forgive Mr. Keene, he is a GM. When was the last he
dabbled in the dark art of gambit play. The book was written in 1992,
long before chess hit the internet and the ‘Halloween Gambit’ took off.

We of course do have a game with the Irish/Chicago Gambit.

Thedrendel - Gorby007 RHP 2011

The Salvio , A variation in the King’s Gambit merits only one star.

First a couple of Black wins to give you a feel for the opening.

Woltato - reydoog RHP 2011

HFRJPcheck - jankrb RHP 2009

And proof we can learn from out losses. The same White player 3 years later.

HFRJPcheck - jertamev RHP 2012

red pawns

Title here

First of all a Word Search. Look for Reti, Fine, Giri and Euwe.
Title here

And a Spot the Difference.
Title here

The two positions look the same but they are not. What is the difference.
(solutions at the end of this piece)
Title here

red pawns

The instructive bit where we look at an RHP game in depth.

windmills - njshepherd RHP 2015

Now we look at some other ideas and alternatives.

Analysis Game One

Analysis Game Two

red pawns

Title here

Three new entries all from last year.

Velma94 - Dannyfonk RHP 2015

Black sets up White for sneaky back rank trick.

Bromdog - WillieNelson RHP 2015

Another weak back rank, another Black win, when will we ever learn.

PantherUK - Tintin1963 RHP 2015

red pawns

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