Red Hot Ants

Red Hot Ants

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Red Hot Ants

This is the Big Blue or Common Blue butterfly.


It is now extinct because it laid it’s single egg next to a red ants nest.

Red Ant

A scent from the egg fooled the red ants into thinking this was one of it’s own eggs
and they would carry it into their nest. The egg would hatch into a grub.

The grub would feed off the genuine red ants eggs till it turned
into a butterfly and the whole thing started all over again.

In Britain in the 60’s they wiped out huge numbers of the rabbit population by poison.
Red ants needed rabbits to survive. (something to do with their droppings).

The red ants died out and so did the Blue Butterfly. That is it’s demise in a nutshell.
Rabbits, red ants and butterflies, all linked together in a chain of mutual need.

Anyway I’m sitting in my garden playing out an Alekhine game.

In the Garden

When suddenly I saw a Big Blue Butterfly fluttering by.

Still In the Garden

I’m no poet else I might have sprung into verse…..Instead….


I swatted it right between Alekhine v Euwe 1937

But where you see the Blue Butterfly you will also find….RED ANTS!.

Ant Attack

Bitten to bits

green bar

My Tale from Vienna .

rmaki1 - greenpawn34, RHP April 2014

Now one of the Vienna Trap I mentioned in my notes.

mattycharlie - BlueEyedRooK, RHP 2009

And another trick to catch the unwary. This idea is worth knowing.

odoodsdudes - Phillidor284 RHP.2009

A look at the Frankenstein - Dracula Variation which I mentioned in the notes.
I am just going to show the variation, a deep analysis would take up Blogs and Blogs.

I once lost on the Black side of this in a tournament, the very next round I lost on the White side!

green bar

Lesson from the OTB Good Guys No. 239.

Fabiano Caruana - Viktor Erdos, Italian Team Championship (2014)

There is a wee sleekit move I want you all to see. (sleekit - Scots slang for sly and crafty)
White plays a ‘Stop - Look I’m sitting on my hands ‘ Check. Read on.

10 out of 10 if you guess what is coming next. Correct. (I am nothing if not predictable).
Some RHP examples of players grabbing Rooks and getting mated on the next move.

stevefshaw - Piperman RHP 2012 (Black to play)

Black has a very easy perpetual check here with Qe2+ and Qe1 +.
Instead he took the Rook and was mated. 1…Qxd6 2. Qg5 mate.

Another material grab ignoring a check.

WIZ - gregory eyetech RHP 2010 (Black to play)

Black should play Rxb7 and have all the winning chances.
Instead he forgot all about the Knight and took on b7 with the Queen 1…Qxb7

And got mated with 2. Ne6.

rjmanzuk - lorelei9 RHP 2011
We join this tragedy just in time to watch White misses his win.

This last one is a very instructive. Some of you…most of you…all of you
are not reading the board and are not identifying the key feature of a position.

theque - rembrandt RHP 2012 (White to play)

Tell me what you see. What is the key feature of this position?

If you say it’s the pawn on g7 I’ll find out where you live and glue your face to g7.

Yes Black has a mate in one threat, but it is your move. Don't panic.

Look at the Black King. Always look at the King. It’s the object of the game.
That Black King is awfully short of squares and the White pieces are all over it.

White took the h7 Rook and got mated with Qb4. He wanted to promote that g7 pawn.
That is all he saw, a pawn promotion He of course missed a forced, at the longest, a mate in 4.

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