Red Hot Pawn Rooks

Red Hot Pawn Rooks

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Red Hot Pawn Rooks


I introduced this character last blog. Let us look at him in detail.

Now we see RookMan in action v BishopGirl.

(I do hope you lot appreciate the effort that goes into creating this blog.
I'm now at the drawing and colouring in cartoons stage which is a clear
sign that looking at your games has finally driven me completely insane.)

zgambit - tunnock RHP 2015

Another classic RookMan game from this year.

Is it a good move? Is it a bad move? No...It's RookMan move.

grzehu - Jirayu RHP 2015

Coming up next we see Black finding an imaginative way to lose.

HowardMordont - Reason on ISCA RHP 2015

And finally to end this bit, just to show you shower are not always blundering. I offer you:

griffy - patwad RHP 2015

red pawns

We now pause in an attempt to bring some pure class to these page of woeful misery.
by admiring a wonderful chess study from the composer Karl Kubbel.(1892 - 1942).

The task (should you wish to accept it) is:

White to play and win. Just how do you stop that throbbing a-pawn.

red pawns

One of the perennial war cries on this column is the term 'loose pieces.'

Loose pieces are unprotected pieces, and unprotected pieces are nervous pieces
often feeling the cold unblinking eye of a tactically astute player staring at them.
Add to the mix a check in the position and the loose piece is even more fearful.

Red Hot Pawn examples are plentiful for me and painful for you. (Thank You.)

We begin with two examples where players needlessly move a Knight
onto an unprotected square when there is a simple check on the board.

robincoup - ayaz RHP 2015

White here played 21.Ne6 Black played Qc4+ and put the Knight in his pocket.

grazia - michall RHP 2015

Same theme, same result. Here White played...

18.Ne5 Black duly played 18...Qd4+ and captured the Knight.

In this game we see Black not tactically using the fact White had two loose
pieces and then falling victim to a trap based on their own unprotected piece.

redsoxnation44 - dhay

We end this discussion on loose pieces with a game where Black who was a piece
ahead makes one slack move dropping a piece and then another dropping a Queen.

jose sureda - NE2LDO RHP .2015

I mention a trick. It's back here.

red pawns

RHP Doom

If you have been keeping up with things you will have noticed every game
so far has come from this year. We continue in this vein and also bring back
our hero RookMan. Now witness two Rook moves that set up a Suicide Mate.

We join the game when Black is actually a Rook down. As we have seen
at the start of this Blog. being a Rook down is actually an RHP advantage.

dieselfitter - kapetan RHP 2015

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