RHP Championship - Stats Drastic + The Duffers Attack

RHP Championship - Stats Drastic + The Duffers Attack

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RHP Championship - Stats Drastic + The Duffers Attack

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Glad you dropped by. I know most of you dread coming
here to see your lemons exposed to the world but….

(Better re-phrase that bit greenpawn…’exposed lemons’…Russ)

It’s exposed lemons, not melons.

(OK lemons are in but melons are out…Russ)

‘Melons are out’ You had better re-phrase that bit Russ.

(start again….no lemons or melons….Russ)


Glad you dropped by. I know most of you dread coming here to see your
mistakes exposed to the world but it is all in a good cause. To make me rich.

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This was a good find in the current RHP 2014 Championship. A Latvian Gambit.

Aanatol - Divot Farmer RHP 2014

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I know it’s awkward with so many games on the go
and the games lasting weeks to slip in a 5 seconds glance,
make and a move and trundle onto the next game
not realising you have blundered till you see the reply .

I’ve done it, I got away with it, my opponent missed it.

greenpawn34 - Carlitos RHP Ch. 2014 Game 10641166

It’s me to move. Good no need to think I have
to take back on d3. I played 10.Qxd3 and skipped on.

Black missed playing 10…Ba6 winning the exchange.
I only saw the threat on my next move and stopped it.

Not missed a mate in one yet but no doubt some day I will.

64squaresofpain - L.A Woman RHP Ch.2014

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A couple of blunders from leokins.

(Nothing personal mate, people will learn from these.)

SuperSweetP - leokins RHP Ch.2014

In this game leokins is a piece up and has just to get around the next bend.

Black to play. 1. Nab6 and Black keeps the piece.

Black played 1…Ndc5 (OOPS! He crashes into the fence.) 2.Rb8+ Re8 3.Rxe8 mate.

Leokins again, this time adding to my endless supply of one trick shots.

7copeland (2291) - leokins RHP Ch,.2014

Here Black took the e4 pawn with…Nxe4.

Before taking any pawn always look to see if it has left the piece taking the pawn undefended
and is there anyway for your opponent to take advantage of this. (are there any checks in the position?)

After playing ….Nxe5 White picked up the wayward Knight with 2. Qa4+ and cruised home.

Picking our way through the RHP scrapbook we pause for a moment to look at:

Celsius I - Leellen RHP CH. 2014 (White to play)

The a3 Bishop is stopping mate on e7 so White tried to tempt it away with 1.Rfc1. Black took it.

1..Bxc1 Qxe7 Checkmate.

But occasionally we do get a good game. An RHP rarity. A sound Queen Sacrifice.

sim66 - frank02341 RHP Ch. 2014

Another good wrap up. This time a Knight mate.

Jack Bertram - Gil perry RHP Ch. 2014

Some RHP Stats Drastic.

So far in the 2014 Championship there has been a Queen delivering
Checkmate on f7 in under 10 moves 8 times. You really do not want
to know how many checkmates with a White Queen checkmating on f7
in under 10 moves there is on the whole of the RHP DB there are…

Honestly you do not want to know. But if curiosity is
getting the better of you Click on the ‘hidden ‘ button.

4,952 That is four thousand, nine hundred and fifty two.

Next week Stats Drastic will be with a Black Queen mating on f2 in under 10 moves.
(and I do have at least two RHP 2014 Championship examples. so far&hellip😉

This is one of the glorious 8 White wins I mentioned.

Habatake - topgunner RHP Ch..2014

A Defence to the ‘Duffers Attack’
(Not a refutation but it’s better playing than h6 and it does have it’s victims.)

Hermocreek - ElGringo78 RHP.2012

The 7.Bxf7+ line in The Duffer’s Attack.

samy samo - goco RHP 2011

So give that variation a bash, it's more fun than getting mated on f7.

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