RHP Championship 2012 Report 3 - The Stats

RHP Championship 2012 Report 3 - The Stats

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RHP Championship 2012 Report 3 - The Stats

championship report 3

More games from the ongoing RHP 2012 Championship.
Again thanks to all the lads who have brought to my attention
any game they think I might use.

I now have a DB of 1660 games. I reckon there is about 11,000 still to come.
By then my brain will have turned to water and I’ll never be the same again.

Some stats.

White wins = 875 Draws = 41 Black wins = 744
677 games have ended in an actual checkmate.
393 were White mates and 284 were Black mates.

64 of those checkmates have happened in 12 moves or under.
48 were White and 16 were Black.

So far just one stalemate. (odoodsdudes - Raampje x see previous reports)

White has castled Kingside 977 times.
Black has castled Kingside 920 times.

White has castled Queenside 161 times.
Black has castled Queenside 170 times.

White has promoted a pawn 28 times
Black has promoted a pawn 15 times

There has been 38 Double Checks. In 36 cases the player giving the
Double Check has won.
We start off the games by looking at one of the agonising exceptions.

roma45 - Raspa RHP Ch 2012

But lets look at what happened in the game.

This next game is good and hides a wonderful fantasy variation.

pawntificate - forkedknight RHP Ch 2012

Now as I was saying in the previous game White can castle here.
I am showing this game because it hides an instructive turn.

pawntificate - forkedknight RHP Ch 2012 (fantasy variation I)

There is more…..I like to squeeze these things dry.

pawntificate - forkedknight RHP Ch 2012 (fantasy variation II.)

Here is another idea/pattern that WILL save you ½ a point in the future.
If we remove the White pawn from f4 so White no longer has the mate.

Now another game where a lone Queen takes on half a chess set and wins.
Needless to say it should not have happened…But it did.
Let dejongh’s mistake be a guiding light.

wimble - dejongh RHP Ch 2012

Staying on the theme ‘Queens and what not to do with them.’

Radon - lbthree RHP Ch 2010

And here is another, short but Instructive play from Black.

Pauline Calf - mulgabill RHP Ch2012

Next we have one of the reasons why I enjoy doing this blog and in particular
looking at RHP games. You never really quite know what is coming next.
If you have a spare moment at your local chess club drop this one in their lap.
Precede it with the announcement:

“The King’s Bishop wins the Queen, The Queen’s Bishop wins the King.”

chrekh - frostbite99 RHP Ch 2012

The short games are drying up. As the games get longer so the play gets better.

Jerung - lbthree RHP Ch 2012

Now look at this move.

TimmyBx - Freddie2008 RHP Ch 2012

The thread accompanying the blog is Thread 145219
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