RHP Championship Rd2 + My Endgame Skill.

RHP Championship Rd2 + My Endgame Skill.

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RHP Championship Rd2 + My Endgame Skill.

I am without any degree of uncertainty the worst end game player
in the Edinburgh Chess Club.

“Chandler is playing an ending.”

I would hear the whisper go around the club rooms
Those who had seen this before quickly agreed draws and left.

The nervous few whose games were far from being drawn but not quite
at the resigning stage had to stay.

A wince or a sharp intake of breath is something you do when you see
a man stub his toe on a house brick. These re-actions are child’s play.
My skill crosses all barriers and knows no limits as far as onlookers are concerned.

Experienced old hackers stare and fall into a zombie like trance only to be snapped
out it by the crash of Capablanca's picture falling off the wall.

Class ‘B; players weep, raw beginners burst into tears, the club cat chews it’s leg.
Once I even turned a GM’s hair white.

Swiss Gambit

But it’s my opponents who suffer the most.

Take Colonel Claude ‘Toots’ Tootingham of the 5th Light Horse.
He has won that many medals for bravery that he is not allowed to wear
them all at once because they interfere with aircraft navigational systems.

He has been torpedoed, harpooned and marooned, shot down, shot up, blown up,
blown down, chased by panzers, hunted by ninjas and half eaten by a Nile crocodile.

After the game this man who had seen unspeakable horrors held out a trembling hand…

“That….that….that was……”

He fell back and lay still on the floor with his unshaken hand pointing to the ceiling.

“You have killed him.” gasped a club member.

“Murderer!” yelled another.

“His lips are still moving.” I pointed out.
(I have had experience of this thing before, I always look at the lips.)

We bent down and listened to him whispering over and over again his name, rank and number.

He was stretchered out of the club with his right hand still offering a
frozen handshake.

Recovering after a few months, they usually do, he added a new chapter
in his bulky war memoirs describing our game and the effect it had on him.

I appear in between the chapters on how he sunk two battleships before breakfast
and his hair raising escape from Devils Island.

Last seen he was onboard a ship bound for the Artic.

We never did shake hands.


No examples. You are far too young.

Instead this simple dimple puzzle.
It’s something I would try in an endgame (and screw up.)

White to play and mate in five moves moving only his King.
Otherwise all normal rules apply,

green bar
The RHP Duck

OK lads, grit the teeth, batten down the hatches and submerge. We are going in.

The quickest mate so far of Round Two. (8 moves).

Phillidor284 - MEGASERV RHP Ch. 2012 (rd.2)

The Duck’s new friend Phillidor284 also features in the next game
a mate in 14 moves. This time my buddy is Black.

PeanutsbySchulz - Phillidor284 RHP Ch. 2012 (rd.2)

That wee trick I mentioned after 13.Rxa7

Next: Kresten - papabeargary RHP Ch 2012 (rd2)

Black set up a trap and White tumbles into it.
White set up a trap and Black tumbles into it.

green bar

Mate in 5 moving the King only solution.

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