RHP Treasure + No.9

RHP Treasure + No.9

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RHP Treasure + No.9

I knew the game existed but I could not get my hands on the score.
I bribed guards, I blackmailed policemen, I greased the palms of politicians.
I frightened nurses and even threatened school children with a Chinese burn.

But none would talk. No one would reveal the secret whereabouts of the game.

Then one day a sad dwarf with a wooden leg and red cotton hat came up
to me at a bus stop and told me where the score of the game was buried.


The Score

AT last! The game where White captures nine pieces on the trot and resigned one move later?

CountBatou - Sydrian RHP 2011

red pawns

Here is a wee transparent trap Janowski set Tarrasch in Ostend 1907


Those are not pictures of Janowski and Tarrasch………………Russ.

OK but Janowski and Tarrasch pictures are copyright are you going to pay if I use them?


D. Janowski, - S. Tarrasch, Ostend 1907

We have seen not what to do, here is someone doing it.

jockymckilt - mrdougie RHP 2007

And as for RHP players walking into a needless pawn mate in Rook and Pawn endings.
How many do you want? Nine, Nine Hundred, Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred Thousand?

roma45 - dn84 RHP 2011

Next observe how brilliantly White builds himself a mating net. Gifted play.
drozdie - 41hound RHP 2012

OK this is the last one. Three is enough

rayfur2002 - hermes77 RHP 2010

I lied, one more, and as always I’ve saved the best till last.

eldullo - igarlick RHP 2010

I lied again!. This is the best one. White is losing hands down.

Resignation cannot be far away. But he decides to let Black promote a pawn,
in the process he sacrifices his lone Rook and checkmates Black with a pawn.

chesspunx - TheSmilingAssassin RHP 2011

Sorry. Anyone stumbling on here would think all the RHP lads are absolutely mad and off their rockers.
So here is a nice wee piece of calculation where we see everything being removed to promote a pawn.

mozart1234 - coyote214 RHP 2008

And we might as well hammer home the rule that Rooks belong behind passed pawns.

jnesta - ZJONES206 RHP 2011

red pawns

We pause for Golden Oldie No.9.

White (playing up the board) to play and mate in one move.
red pawns

I mentioned The Borg (anagram of Grob………….I warned you that was coming.)
In the 2014 Championship the imaginative musirapha has a P4.W 4 record with it.

musirapha - dsmith RHP 2014

It is White’s 11th move that raises this game above the ordinary.

And finally we jump into the pool of joy that was…

DZiv - Wespackacone RHP 2007

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 160725
If you are stuck on the Golden Oldie the solution it will be there.
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