Rook Blunders and Wonders

Rook Blunders and Wonders

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Rook Blunders and Wonders

Hi Guys.

Been a while since this last blog, been very busy.
In a moment of bravado I set up a 53 board 1 day 3 day time bank
challenge simul. I was going to go for 100 board simul but I found
it an annoying pain to keep setting up a new challenge.
You can only have a max of 15 up at a time so I’d have to wait till
some games got started then set up more challenges.

It came about due to a discussion in the forum about these lads
who hundreds of games on the go. How do they do it.
My answer is YOU CAN’T. You will make blunders.

I’ve looked at some of these games and the Blog is full of their
daft blunders. Now, and it’s only fair, I can add mine.

Here is an amusing blunder by me rushing to get the games going.

I had a few Latvians on the go and a few of lads were playing 3.Nf6

to which I was replying 3…Qf6. and moving onto the next game. This popped up

iwteisseyre - greenpawn34 RHP 2012 Game 9628449

So right away I played 3…Qf6 and quickly onto the next game.

Except it’s not 3…Qf6. It’s 4….Qf6 and after 5.Qh5+ Black is lost.
No chance of pulling that one out of the fire. I resigned 3 moves later.

You would think that was a wake up call. No!
A few days later….This is hilarious. I saw it!

spankpheasant - greenpawn34 RHP 2012 Game 9629656
(White has just played Rc1)

What cheap trick is this? I take on b2 he checks on a8 I go Ke7
and he picks off the Rook with Qa3+.

He must have thought I was born yesterday if he thinks I’m falling
for that. On Qa8+ I’ll play Kd7.

So look at the position again.

How many Black checks are in the position? One.
I play Rxb2.

Now how many? Two! (Qd4+ and I lose the b2 Rook.) Brilliant!
Not many people catch me in two movers, three movers yes,
two movers no. Well played.

Of course I was rushing because I had a fair dozen or so games that
produced some super interesting positions and I could not help myself
but give these my full attention and could not wait to get back to the
real juicy ones.

Blundering a game or two or three (or four or five) is OK, I can live
with that when I’m was chasing brilliancies or setting some cute traps in other
games and just one or two very good win easily makes up for a mere
bucketful of losses (and about 200 rating points.)

triraman - greenpawn34 RHP 2012 Game 9625623

Instead of blundering a Rook, this time I pick one up.
I was saccing pawns to get a wretched position in this game,
suddenly my opponent walked into a trick where I won his Queen.
for a Rook and a piece (see game) and we ended up here.

Invert the board so you can see it how I saw it.

Staying with the theme of Rook blunders (and wonders…just got the
title for this thread.)

greenpawn34 - HandyAndy RHP 2012 Game 9628360

greenpawn34 - wolfgang59 RHP 2012 [gid] 9628796[/gid]

This is a what might have/should have happened.

And now the main feature.

Some games are destined to live in the mind forever.
Serious OTB games tend to stick because you have been looking at
that one game for usually 3-4 hours.

On RHP a lot of games just seem to get forgotten because you stare at
them for a minute or two and then onto the next game.
(in some cases it is a second or two and then onto the next game.)

This one will stick. It has everything and I mean everything.

An unsound double Knight sac.
White (me) ends up playing a Rook down.
Black goes in for the kill but in his haste to wrap it up he misses a move.

Now it’s White’s 1 Rook v Black’s 2 Rooks.

Suddenly I have a won game but I do not know it!!
I send my opponent an offer of a hopeful draw and skip on to
the more interesting games I have going. Let him dig out the win,
I pretty sure I can draw it, a Rook can sac itself for the my passed
pawns and it’s a Rook ending. I’m happy I’ve swindled a draw.
It’s what I’ve been chasing for the past 30+ moves.

My opponent misses the draw offer because his next
move was a conditional move! You could not make this up.

He makes a move and I am staring at a win.
I can’t believe it. I see it only because it threatens mate.
The one Rook beats the two Rooks by saccing the one Rook.


greenpawn34 - Ron Viebke RHP 2012

This game is not over yet.
I created a new folder called ‘Finished’ and transferred all the finished games
to there so I could keep a score. (33 wins 2 draws 7 losses.)
I moved this game there, lost it, and it in turn created this small thread.

Thread 149576

The game I thought I had lost was infact this one.
This game is cursed I tells ya…..Cursed!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those I've played
and am still playing. I hope you all had or are still having, fun.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 149640
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