Rooks and Bishops and Strange Mates

Rooks and Bishops and Strange Mates

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Rooks and Bishops and Strange Mates

I was very disappointed that CHESS magazine did not do a Chess World
Cup pull out wall chart so we could all follow our favourite players progress.

Undeterred when it got down to the last 16 and much to the annoyance of my neighbours
I painted my own progress chart on a wall that is just across the road from where I live.

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Sadly my favorite player ‘Ivor Nochnace’ was knocked out. Not in round one but when
the airplane taking to him to Baku hit turbulence and a heavy suitcase fell on his head.
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This week’s study is by T. B. Gorgiev. I have to add that in study jargon if it
comes now to a lone Rook v lone Bishop ending then provided that there is no
immediate tactical trick on within the next few move it is classed as a drawn game.

White to play and win.

Clue: ‘...provided that there is no immediate tactical trick on within the next
few move it is classed as a drawn game. Look for the immediate tactical trick.

The solution is at the bottom. Meanwhile whilst looking for RHP endings
similar to the Gorgiev study I came across jerry1001 - sugababe RHP 2021

To give an indication of how difficult it is to win a Rook v Bishop ending, we need
look no further than Nakamura - Karthik from the 2023 World Cup (see wall chart !)

In that game Nakamura, with the Rook, played 44 moves trying to lure Karthik into
making an error. Eventually 6 moves short of the 50 move rule he stalemated Black.

Here Nakamura accepting he was not going to win and played 144.Rh4 Stalemate.

On RHP we have 800+ games with this ending. The majority are drawn but just
over 300 have result in a win for the Rook player. The rule of thumb is, as in the
above game. The King should head for the corner the opposite colour of the Bishop.

I’ll repeat that with a diagram. White’s general strategy with the DSB should be
get the King to h1 or a8 . Black’s general strategy will be to try and prevent this.

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That is the Rule of Thumb but always be aware of Forks, Pins and Skewers.

In caoimho - foamin RHP 2011 we see White going for the wrong corner.

Bklyn - iasayid RHP 2008 The time Black goes to the wrong corner.

green pawns

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Last week we looked at some strange Red Hot Pawn games. A 40+ move game
with no captures etc...This week a couple of Strange Mates. Here we see a player
losing badly but manages to checkmate the enemy King by moving their King.

scottjohnson - Nopar RHP 2016

Next a heart breaker. Black to play and every pawn promotion, including taking
a another bishop is a stalemate. White is so close to avoiding a loss in the game

Sorry not every pawn promotion is a stalemate. Black played g1=N Checkmate.
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The Study by T. B. Gorgiev solution

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 197742
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