Sitting on an Iceberg playing the Icelandic Gambit.

Sitting on an Iceberg playing the Icelandic Gambit.

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Sitting on an Iceberg playing the Icelandic Gambit.

Another Red Hot Pawn chappie has answered the call.

Quest 16 involved RHP players going to precarious
places to play a particular opening with the same name.

TimmyBx Went up Mount Evans to play the Evans Gambit.

Up to the plate steps morgski User 227024 who together
with his sister braved the chilly Icelandic winds, avoiding Polar
Bears, Snow Leopards and Ice Tigers all to play a game of Chess
on the Jokulsarlon lagoon with an opening called the Icelandic Gambit.

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This is them sitting on an iceberg in Iceland playing the Icelandic
Gambit. Beat that if you can. Brilliant. Absolutely Bloody Brilliant.

Here is the game. It’s loaded with a few errors but that is totally understandable.
The aurora borealis (the northern lights to you peasants not versed in latin.) was
frying their eyes with it’s radiation. It does that sometimes.

no title

OK guys the bar has been raised. Who is next?

green bar

Now where was I. Ah yes Mating Patterns.
This week we are going to look at Pillsbury’s mate.

The Bishop can be anywhere from a1-f6 the Rook anywhere from g1-g5

RHP example in action.

Sir Pino - hamed77113 RHP 2007

I’ve no idea why they call it Pillsbury’s Mate. Hector Wellington Pillsbury
the New York banker does not play chess. His wife does. Is it the Mrs Pillsbury’s Mate?

(Perhaps it was named after Harry Nelson Pillsbury….Russ)

Good thinking Batman…I’ll have a look at his games.

H. Pillsbury - F. Lee London 1899

First a quick word about the Pillsbury Shuffle.

And of course you have the Pillsbury Two Step.

OK those are the key elements. Now for some RHP samples.
While it is still fresh in your mind. The Pillsbury Two Step.

kasigun1 - Aikidomack RHP 2009.

To remind you of the Pillsbury Shuffle jPassage - nmdavidb RHP 2007
Here Black shows off his tactical technique with a Queen ‘Oops I’ve blundered sac.’

Charlie6395 - muyichengzhou RHP 2006
White is dead in the water. He clutches at the passing Pillsbury straw. Black sinks.

We are not here to laugh at the mistakes. We are here to learn from them.

(…..then you can laugh at them.)

What was Black thinking of in that last game? Why not take the Bishop?

Peel back.

Charlie6395 - muyichengzhou RHP 2006 (variation).

That deflecting or taking the piece pinning a pawn to the
King ploy which featured in the last game? I have another
unplayed example and this is marvellous and instructive.

dk0009 - ljackson RHP 2008

We join the game with White staring down both barrels.

sameeh - elricho RHP 2008

sameeh - elrichoRHP 2008 Mid game quiz.
I asked how White would mate after 2….Kh8

Talem16 - ngkabra RHP 2007

Thalassa - Dalradian RHP 2008

Same idea as in the previous game. The Rook comes to the g-file with a tempo on the Queen.

helltrekker - rayjordan RHP 2010

That will do. I have taken up enough of your time.
I cannot go on after seeing that last one. Please no more.

OK boys I think you should have it.

A Bishop hitting g2/g7 and an open g-file. The bells should be ringing.

We end with this missed chance and snatched opportunity.

majestay - ancientfrog RHP 2007 (part I)

majestay - ancientfrog RHP 2007 (part II) in where we see what really happened.

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