Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

The Planet Greenpawn

Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

To celebrate skeeter hitting the No1 spot.

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I thought I'd give 6 Skeeter mates for you to find.
Three with White and three with Black.
All very simple and ego boosting. (except No.6 which is simply crazy).

No1 skeeter - ouroboros RHP 2004
We start with a nice easy-peasy one
White mates in 3. (not 4 or 5..Mate in 3).

No2. skeeter - gutsiman RHP 2009
White to play.

Again I need the mate in 3. Not 4 or 5 moves. 3 moves.

No.3 skeeter - Leaadas RHP 2008
White to play. Mate in 3.

No.4 neldo - skeeter RHP 2003
Black to play Mate in 4

No.5 Qwike - skeeter THP 2007
Black to play and mate in 4.

No.6 Macroman - Skeeter 2010
This one is by far the easiest. Black to play and mate in two.

I have included it because skeeter missed it!
(And yet mated in two.)
Look at solution No.6 and see what happened. Jesus wept.








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Comments (5)

  • Posted 3266 days 10 hours and 23 minutes ago
    Hi Gerrit.

    I do say Kxd6 is the best move in the note.

    Black just played on in auto-pilot without really
    looking at the position.
  • Posted 3266 days 14 hours and 2 minutes ago
    Standard memberGerrit de Leeuw
    No6: after Qd6 comes Kxd6; better Qc5+
  • Posted 3271 days 1 hour and 16 minutes ago

    In No2. 1.Qxd6+ Ke8 2.Re1+ Ne5 makes the mate just
    that one move longer. Mate in 4 not mate in 3.

    It was the Queen sac I wanted you to find.
  • Posted 3271 days 6 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard memberIgloo
    For No.2, I also got 2.Re1+. But I have to admit, the queen sac is far more entertaining.
  • Posted 3271 days 6 hours and 32 minutes ago
    Standard memberGoshen
    For No.2 it looks like 2.Re1+ also works. Or doesn't it?
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