Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

The Planet Greenpawn

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Six Mates From Skeeter The New No1.

To celebrate skeeter hitting the No1 spot.

Players Tables

I thought I'd give 6 Skeeter mates for you to find.
Three with White and three with Black.
All very simple and ego boosting. (except No.6 which is simply crazy).

No1 skeeter - ouroboros RHP 2004
We start with a nice easy-peasy one
White mates in 3. (not 4 or 5..Mate in 3).

No2. skeeter - gutsiman RHP 2009
White to play.

Again I need the mate in 3. Not 4 or 5 moves. 3 moves.

No.3 skeeter - Leaadas RHP 2008
White to play. Mate in 3.

No.4 neldo - skeeter RHP 2003
Black to play Mate in 4

No.5 Qwike - skeeter THP 2007
Black to play and mate in 4.

No.6 Macroman - Skeeter 2010
This one is by far the easiest. Black to play and mate in two.

I have included it because skeeter missed it!
(And yet mated in two.)
Look at solution No.6 and see what happened. Jesus wept.








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