Smothered Mates and Unsound Sacs

Smothered Mates and Unsound Sacs

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The theme this week appears to be never give up.

We often see frustrated players posting that their opponents will
not resign. There is nothing in the rules that states a player must resign.
And why should they? Point them here.

RHP Public Eye No.216

A regular feature where we pick a player at random and look at
at a few of their games. This week User 414706 daddyg.


Twice daddyg has pulled off the classic smothered mate in the Caro Khan.

daddyg v bob58 and daddyg v Obscuridades both in 2010

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nd7 5.Qe2 Ngf6 6.Nd6 mate

This mate has appeared 11 times on RHP.
In actual play my DB has 25 examples,
the first being played by Alekhine in 1935.

daddyg has also one of these:

SactheKing - daddyg RHP 2009. Black to play.

Black played 91…d1=Q?

Of course taking a Rook will win it in a few moves.
White has a few spite checks then Black will force off the Queens.
91. Kb2 d1=R 92. Qb8+ Kg7 93. Qg3+ Qg5 94. Qc3+ Qf6

Instead one silly decision after 90 moves and the win has gone.

92.Qxf7+ KxQ stalemate.

green bar

This game was recently posted in the Chess Forum. Thread 135149

iamatiger - Daniel Skorczynski95 RHP 2010

White admits that his 6th move was a blunder.
He never noticed that his d4 Knight was under attack!!

Two other players on here also failed to notice the d4 Knight was hanging.

sir - Adny09 RHP 2010 played 6.Be2 exd4 and resigned

Hyde Park - rosenkilde1988. RHP 2007 played 6.Bg5 but gave up
a few moves later after Black played 6…Nxd4

iamatiger was not at all bothered by such superficial issues.

He went sac happy and joyfully threw all his minor pieces at Black.
At the end White was 2 Bishops and 2 Knights down.

If you hit the sacrificial trail either by design or accident then you must
stay on it and play as aggressively as possible.
If this means more wood getting tossed onto the fire then so be it..

Always a pleasure to pull such games from the Forum and make them
more well known.

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