Snoopy v Carlsen + Najdorf Tricks

Snoopy v Carlsen + Najdorf Tricks

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Happy Birthday planet Earth you are 2015 today.

(actually it’s a lot older than that…a lot older, but it’s going through a mid life crisis so be kind.)

As is normal with all end of year blogs, columns, chess magazines etc..and etc…
One can fob off the readers with selections of the best of bits of the previous year.

But not me, I’m a good guy. I’ll show you stuff you have never seen before. (and wish you hadn’t.)

First is the much coveted award: The Game of Year 2014.

carles - taheri RHP 2007

Where we see a clash of ideas, both players thinking they have out-witted the other.
Title here

I know but I only discovered it in 2014.


I mentioned a pawn-promo-combo. White comes up with a nice one here.

wolfgang59 - Thaba RHP 2012

One of the most causes for blunders on RHP is because…

No. It’s because most of the lads on here are home and casual players.
They have a good idea and play half of it. A few days later the game
re-appears and because they have balanced lives where chess does not
occupy their every living moment they forget what they were up to.

This could (or should) never happen in an OTB game hence you get games like this.

coyote - adalia bipunctata RHP 2014

Black comes up with a study like move to prevent a promo-combo. Then forgets it.

I appear to have a bit of a theme going here. Pawn Promotion Combinations.

discoking - Antoine RHP 2014

White sets himself up for such a combination with two pawn moves.


This one has a funny twist to it.

EMCB (1599) - Rumdrum (1865) RHP 2014

I jokingly said in the last comments box that I would put an Exuma loss in
the next blog. I actually found an instructive one we can use from 7 years ago.

Exuma - Minor RHP.2007

White employs a practical opening set-up v the Najdorf. Bits out and Castle Kingside.
Black stumbles into an opening trap but alas White failed to seize his chance and lost.
I am not going to show the loss, (I’ll do that in 2016) I’ll just how the trap works.


We end with a Black Najdorf mate in 13 moves. This one we blame on White’s
immortal fear of having a doubled c-pawn. I have OTB and RHP examples…..

Liskan - Juhasz, Budapest 2004
Mraz - Antal, Euro Ch. 2008
Vasilj - arekv RHP 2010
schachschreck - knez miskin RHP 2012

All went the same way as the following game.


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