Stats, Blunders and Traps.

Stats, Blunders and Traps.

The Planet Greenpawn

Stats, Blunders and Traps.

RHP Ch 2014

Hi guys. The Red Hot Pawn Championship is in full swing and so are the blunders.

The stats so far: Total games: 5,444,. Games finished. 619. White wins: 329, Black wins, 283 Draws 7.

Championship Tactics.

I always use the ‘Conditional Move’ feature....


....especially if my opponent has forced moves.

It speeds the game up and if you have a combo on the go then I
simply love the idea that whilst I am asleep RHP is saccing pieces for me.

Carlitos - greenpawn34 RHP Ch..2014

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The RHP 2014 Championship Quiz.

rhp quiz

Answer below

OK off the races we go and who is going to be the first to blunder away their Queen

benl125 - dcpk RHP Ch. 2014

An example of the previous idea actually working.

tamperman - douneedajacket RHP Ch. 2014

So far we have only one mate with a pawn.

masibill - Richius RHP Ch 2014

We continue with another story from the handbook of RHP blunders.

bag3 - patrajasingam RHP Ch. 2014

Black builds up a lovely attacking position and blows it with one careless move.

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The Curse of the Blog No.210

Last Championship I told you guys if I leave a pawn hanging then give it a long hard look before taking it.

I furnished your monitors with this example from the 2013 RHP Championship.

Boogada (1941) - greenpawn34 (1996) RHP 2013 Ch. Rd2

White to play.

I’ve left a pawn hanging on d5. White took it (Bxd5) and resigned after I played Qa5+

One year later and….

Flipperwaldt - greenpawn34 RHP Ch. 2014

Another example comes from FERQUIROS - chesco697 RHP Ch.2014

Black should play c6. Maybe even Nxf3+ and then c6. He took the loose c4 pawn. 10..Nxc4

White played 11.Qa4+ picking up the piece and the game.

I got out done in the trap setting stakes by skoliebollen. He offered a pawn and a Rook

skoliebollen - hallel RHP Ch. 2014

The lesson here is if you have an open f-file against a castled King
use it. What to do is in the notes. What not to do is in the game.

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Ponderable and The Rook Lift.

Ponderable - Dag Vister RHP Ch 2014

He we witness Ponderable missing wins by refusing to play Rh3.
Finally he is forced to play it when it is too late…but it still wins!

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Endgame Misery

I must say it is comforting see someone’s endgame play worse than mine.

roma45 - notgood71 RHP Ch 2014

What you are about to see really happened. Those of you with a nervous disposition skip this bit.

The Answer to the question at the top of the page.

klaxonjackson - SirLurch RHP Ch.2014

Well that was fun. Now go and lay down and try to forget everything you have just seen.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 159512

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  • Posted 2006 days 13 hours and 49 minutes ago
    Good read, thanks.

  • Posted 2009 days 11 hours and 36 minutes ago
    Vow, atleast something I won in the 2014 champ, the first pawn mate ;-)
  • Posted 2018 days 11 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Standard memberchessicle
    Yay! Back to your great best, gp.
  • Posted 2019 days 12 hours and 34 minutes ago
    Yes. g5 in stead of f5. Corrected. Cheers.
  • Posted 2019 days 12 hours and 45 minutes ago
    Standard membertvochess
    Hello, in the game Ponderable - Dag Vister, I don't see black saving his game with f5. Qxh7 is still mate, right? Or did you mean g5?
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