The 0% Trap + Snooker

The 0% Trap + Snooker

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The 0% Trap + Snooker

There is nothing like a poorly played endgame to cheer me up.
To me it’s better than watching Bank Managers slip in the snow or seeing
your least favourite football team sliding down the league.

Witness daniv - lausey Game 9375715 slip and slide about on this one
to finally produce the first RHP 2012 Championship Stalemate of Rd.2.

First we take a peek at the start of the endgame where White wins a piece.

White has just played 26.Rf-b1 and you can see that if the Bishop moves to
anywhere but c8 then 27.Rb8 mates and if 26...Bc8 then 27.Rb8 pins and wins it.

So Black played on a piece down. The Rooks came off and White then gave up
his extra Knight to transpose into a tricky won ending.
When doing such things (giving up a piece to simplify into a won ending) it’s best
to make the win as clear cut as you can giving yourself no technical difficulties.)

We now join. daniv - lausey RHP Ch. 2012 Round 2.

Now what should have happened.

Bring on the Duck, he has an opening trap for us.
green bar
The Duck

The Mouse Slip Trap.

Rakker has tried 3…a5 7 times on here and Jay Peatea has tried it 10 times.
In total there are 27 examples of people playing 3…a5 on RHP.
Nobody on RHP has fallen for the Bishop trapping idea.
GP’s OTB database shows 29 examples of the trap being set in OTB play.
Nobody has fallen for it there either.

So we have this opening trap with a 0% success rate.

The Duck

You can’t use this guff, you are ruining my blog..

The Duck
I’ve got a smashing game with this line played by Rakker.

A case of daylight robbery.

Kapitein Lafbek - Rakker RHP 2009

green bar

Carrying on from the Duck some RHP examples of a Queen v 2 Rooks and a piece.

Of course the 2 Rooks and piece usually win.
The Queen can do nothing on here own.

The lone Queen cannot checkmate, she needs at least a White King here to win.

But the major problem the Queen player has he cannot use his
King as the Rooks and piece will hound it and mate it.

However sometimes the Queen player can use the situation of the
enemy King and the placing of the pieces.

happybvr - rsmith3 RHP 2009

I cannot stress enough the vulnerability of unprotected pieces.
You can player snooker with them.

kinggg2 - mischas RHP 2010
This did not happed, White missed it.

The three piece player must be aware that the lone Queen can sneak in and mate
if they set it up for Queen player

mischas - rickr RHP 2005.

Often the Queen player will win just after the exchange because the 3 piece
player has not yet had time to organise himself.
This one plays like a 9 move combination.

Mahoutsoukai - ItsYouThatIAdore RHP 2007

This ends in 9 moves with Qf1+!

The other strength of the lone Queen is it’s ability to deliver a perpetual.

deesse1 - latex bishop RHP 2006

Now onto the three piece player winning v the Queen.

ROOMS2004 - ggoulam RHP 2004

This next one is a lovely forced combination and shows the kind of thing
the three piece player should be looking out for.
Black sacs two pieces to win back the Queen.

MATEU2 - zulma66 RHP 2006

plan127 - michtay RHP 2009

Gives us ideas how the three piece player should play in such situations.

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