The Assassin Pawn

The Assassin Pawn

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The Assassin Pawn

Nimzo5 answered my plea for any pictures of you playing Chess.
Here he is playing Spassky in a simultaneous display.

Spassky v Nimzo

(Spassky is giving the simul.)

Nimzo got a draw! Here is the game.

Boris Spassky - Nimzo5, Reno 2004.

Cheers Nimzo. Anybody else got a pic + game they want to share?

The Assassin Pawn.
The Assassin

I decided to name a pawn that mates a King an Assassin.

First an illustration of the Assassin in action.

mrdougie - Hamish McLobbie RHP 2010

Now an Assassin Combination .

Agarath - Indosmart RHP 2008

Rumdrum - jamal ham RHP 2006

Black activates his King for the ending but strays too far into the White camp.

mang00neg - desertdiver RHP

The Assassin is the h6 pawn.

And now an opening close to my heart. The Latvian Gambit.
The Assassin here is the f7 Pawn. The Latvian Gambit pawn.

Dutch Defense - Libellule RHP 2007

And this next one is just plain daft.
Black attacks White with his Kingside pawns and a lone Bishop.
The Assassin starts of h7 and 15 moves later he strikes.

taipei5200 - goCavaliers RHP 2009

OK to make up for that last game we end this Assassin Anthology with
a wonderful piece of Chess Trickery..

Nallapuh - rcstas RHP 2005

We end with a cartoon Assassin.

weller - Sl64w RHP 2001

Black is getting mated here no matter what he does.
He decides to enter the Black Museum. 1….g5

2.hxg6 ep Mate. You don’t see an En Passant Mate everyday.
And only an Assassin can do that.

Thread 142937 if you have an Assassin Mate you want to share.
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