The Backward Facing Knight and Lolli

The Backward Facing Knight and Lolli

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Picked this book up on the 1986 Kasparov - Karpov World Championship
by Wade, Miles, Bronstein, Hartston....(phew!).... Blackstock, Martin....

Here is a picture of the cover listing all the names.
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It’s OK, reasonable notes, nice bit of background chit chat and the book is built
to last (a lot of my books fall to pieces during study), but.....there is always a but.

The diagrams and figurine notation is playing havoc with my pattern vision.
They have the Knights facing right instead of left and it looks very strange.
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Things look worse when they use another feature of the book. Each game is noted up
but they also show the same game with no notes, just a diagram after every two moves.
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And that silly Knight makes it look like Egyptian hieroglyphics.
red pawns

Giambattista Lolli (1698 – 1769)

An Italian chess player and author who one day, fed up waiting for television to
be invented, decided to mess about with King & Queen v a King & Rook ending.

He discovered that this position with White to move is a draw.

White to play and draw. Lolli 1763.

Here is the drawing procedure. I’d pay attention here because this idea may
save you a ½ point. More than 250 years later some RHP players missed it.

I offer you Four RHP players all missing this stalemate in all four corner s of the board.

None of the lads played the stalemate move in brackets and all went onto to lose.
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A = kuldeep Sharma - Nishi Kant Gupta RHP 2013 (76....Rb7+)
B = dartsman - Palimpsest RHP 2011 (65...Rg6+)
C = Kresten - sameeh RHP 2014 (83...Rb3+)
D = wiz444 - traut777 RHP 2012. (100....Rg3+)

We are having so much fun with Lolli let us look at the Lolli Mate.

And this gives us a chance to see some good RHP games in action.

First we see the Lolli in it’s basic form. A perfect example from an RHP game.

anom asil - Farzad Farsee RHP 2017

Now you have seen one we look at a game where Black did not know the Lolli Mate.

Biagio Bascetta 2 - Sc111 RHP 2017

Same theme but this one has an instructive twist well worth knowing.

Shelrock57 - gregory eyetech RHP 2017

We end this piece on Giambattista Lolli with a full game.

PAWN RIOT - jose sureda RHP 2010

The thread accompanying this blog is...
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penguinkeeper - AlekhineReborn RHP 2011

White missed 29. Qxh7+ mating Black and went onto lose.

Blicher - Dreamthief RHP 2012

White missed 23. Qxh7+ mating Black and went onto lose.

Pololo - willysan RHP 2011

White missed 28. Qxh7+ mating Black and went onto lose.

SirLurch - joaodelisboa RHP 2017

A wee bit trickier 25.Nxf7+ Bxf7 26.Qxh7+ mates. but 0-1 on move 42.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 178298
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