The Carlsen Harpoon

The Carlsen Harpoon

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The Carlsen Harpoon

I painted this yesterday. Took me half an hour.


OK I admit it. I never painted it but I think I could have. It looks easy enough.

Anyway, I used that picture of Magnus Carlsen to get this thread about the
Carlsen - Anand World Champions match which has just finished, started.

The final score was 3-1 (with 7 draws) In Carlsen’s favour. We look at the final game.

Carlsen - Anand (game 11) 2014 World Chess Championship.

This position arose with Anand to make his 27th move.

He was trailing 2-1 with this game and one more game to play.

He took a chance or over estimated his chances (or under estimated his position)
and played 27…Rb4. Carlsen picked up the exchange, (thank you ) and won the match.

It was when I saw this position, something nipped my brain.

The Rook Harpooning the Bishops. (it’s not a skewer the pieces are of the same value.)

Where? A game from the past. Then I got it. A trick like this is in Fischer’s 60.

Game 19 Gudmundsson - Fischer, Reykjavik 1960

White to play. Black has the strong threat of Rxc1 and Re3+ and Qh2 up his sleeve.

And we have ourselves a Red Hot Pawn Theme of the week.

nuclearghost - enaud RHP 2012 (Black to play)

Black wants to get rid of the Queenside pawns so played 30..Bc7 intending 31…a5.

White smartly played 31.Rc1 and the Harpoon strikes home. 1-0.
red pawns

JStaat - narendrababu RHP.2006 (White to play)

White made the win much easier and nicked a pawn with 36.Bxg6+ Kxg6 31.Re8

Shplunk! You guys can add your own sound effects when you a Harpoon Bishops.
red pawns

TottenhamHotspurFC - klaf RHP 2011 (White to play, Black has just played 31…Rc1)

White thought Black was after the h-pawn so played 32.Kg2 this met…

32…Rd1 (add you sound effect here.) 0-1
red pawns

Once you have seen the Bishops lined up pattern you will never forget it.

maris61 - Nallapuh RHP 2006

Now a full game where we see a lone Rook terrorise a pair of Bishops.

MrCrowley - JonPenny RHP.2011

White missed an excellent chance to steal this game but instead played the most
obvious move on the board. (see if you can spot it.) Test yourself and no peeling.

Did you see White’s missed chance? Back here;

red pawns

As the sun slowly sets on yet another blog we tip-toe up to that creepy
looking house that stands all alone at the end of the street.. We listen at
the window and can hear the howling screams of the poor demented souls inside
showing each other the games that have been chosen for the RHP House of Horror.

Fatwhale - Markus3105 RHP2011

Don’t you just wish I could show you Fatwhale getting harpooned.
What happens instead is Fatwhale throws a harpoon and misses.

And this next one is right up there with the best of RHP bloomers.

meyekal - Flagg RHP 2011

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