The Chess Brain + A Strike + Hungarian Trap

The Chess Brain + A Strike + Hungarian Trap

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The Chess Brain + A Strike + Hungarian Trap

[b]The Chess Brain

This is a picture of some bod at the latest Olympiad.....

the bod

.......and in that jar next to him…

the brain

…is his chess playing brain.

This brain knows everything about chess.
Two minutes before the game the player pours this brain into his
left ear and catches into another jar his daytime non playing brain which
falls out his right ear.

Brain swapping is now widespread in the chess world, everyone is doing it.
This is why during the Olympiad you never saw any player suddenly leave
their game and go home.

When they have their chess brains in they don’t know where they live.

For a modest fee chess brains can be ordered from and come
complete with a catching and pouring jar and instructions.

The operation to enlarge your ear hole for ease of transmutation is an extra option.

And it finally happened…


…America’s Sign Writers have gone on strike.

A game from the Olympiad.
Just before he made his 11th move Black dropped his pencil,
when he bent down to pick it up his chess brain fell out.

(I bet you have never seen anything like that as a piece of chess notation before.)

C. Chipanga (2138) - O.Nakapunda (2073)

Interesting opening trap in the Hungarian that one.
After 7.Bxh6…

….it would appear Black has lost a piece.

Indeed 4 guys on RHP has resigned here thinking they were lost.

zyga65 - hennion RHP.2005
scrumpymanjack - lbthree RHP 2006
AADavid1963 - Tukumnieks RHP 2007
baggies - Marko Krale RHP 2007

White’s best after 7….0-0 is 7.Nxc3
Bringing the Bishop back to c1 holding the b2 pawn fails to Nb4.

7.Bc1 Nb4

And who has caught who in a trap?

8.Qd1 meets 8…c2 winning back the piece.

I like 8.Qh5 you have to sac a Rook (a mere flesh wound).
8.Qh5 Nc2+ 9.Kf1 NxR 10.Nxc3

White is going to play h4 and Ng5 and win (sometimes).

Good Luck and let me know if you try this.
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