The Chess Candidate Playing Cards

The Chess Candidate Playing Cards

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The Chess Candidate Playing Cards

Thought I kick off another blog with another moving cover.
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Staying on book covers what about this one which was discovered
by and duly posted on Kenneth Spraggett’s site. It’s a great find.
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White has been skewered whilst a masked controller looks on.
red pawns

*** The Candidates Playing Card Game ***

The candidates are here again. Eight players play each other twice and
the winner of the tournament gets to meet Magnus Carlsen in November.
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So print out the following set of cards, glue then to a piece of cardboard,
get an adult to cut them out for you and you now own a super-duper set of
Candidate Playing Cards. You make up the rules as you go along. Good Luck.
red pawns

*** The Swedish Immortal***

Arvid Sundin - Erik Andersson, Correspondence game 1964

This game quickly became titled as The Swedish Immortal and it was so
highly regarded that Sweden actually commissioned a stamp in it’s honour.
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The final position of the Swedish Immortal on a Swedish stamp.

RHP has it’s How about?
the7tidlys - flyingcod RHP 2016

If ever there was Pause before Promoting lesson then this is it.

platoic - themban RHP 2011

This game gets the Red Hot Pawn stamp.
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It’s valid. Print it, get the same adult who helped you with the Candidate Playing Cards
to cut it out for you, then glue it to an envelope and send it .Let me know if this works.
red pawns

We end with another classic RHP moment from last year where one player
in a clear winning position has an idea and falls foul to a back rank trick.

Blanca - apsol RHP 2015

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Comments (3)

  • Posted 1369 days 6 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Standard memberptobler
    5 Qc6# in the7tidlys game...
  • Posted 1369 days 22 hours and 37 minutes ago
    Hi vivify,
    There are quite a few better moves for White in that game but I wanted to show the Qc4+ then if Rd1+ Qf1 idea. Some of the lads here lose or fail to win won games but refusing to give back material at the correct moment.
  • Posted 1370 days 10 hours and 3 minutes ago
    Standard membervivify
    In that platoic - themban game (the second promotion blunder) White could've simply taken the bishop rather than promote. Black would've been forced to capture the queen, and the Pawn would've promoted by capturing the rook, leaving the black's king helpless.

    But in all fairness, white didn't have this blog to read.
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