The Chess Mind....

The Chess Mind....

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The Chess Mind....

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That is not a random position on the cover it is from a game analysed in the book.

Keres - Eliskases, Norway 1938.

An interesting book that. ‘The Chess Mind’ by Gerald Abrahams.

On the limits of ‘Vision in Chess’ (how far does a master see ahead.)
He agrees it can differ from position to position and as an ego booster
he offers this position White to play and mate in 50 moves. (page 167).

Don’t despair. Look at it and work out the winning plan.

The White King can catch the a-pawn then it’s a simple matter of
playing the King to g4 and taking the f3-pawn. Then the energetic
King trots all to the way to a6 stalemating the Black King forcing
Black to play f4-f3. Again the King sets off and takes the f3 pawn.
White plays Kg4, the e-pawn can even under promotes and mates.

You can play it out in your mind or simply visualise the winning
method right up to the end. You are in fact seeing 50 moves ahead.

A study by C. S. Kipling White to play and mate in 50 moves.

In the ‘Imagination: It’s Use and Abuse’ section Abrahams slips this one in.

Fish - Abrahams, Liverpool 1930

We have an RHP example of this trick....It was missed.

chacao - greatsphinx RHP 2011

We have a White example (Well not quite...but it’s close.)

Sicilian Smaug - kin3 RHP 2006

red pawns


Weave the pawn through the maze to the promotion square.
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Untangle the letters to find four famous Grandmaster names.

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red pawns

red doom

First we see Black walking into a Queen winning trap. White fails to spring
the trap. Undeterred Black nicks yet another pawn in a effort to trap his own
Queen. This time Black’s determination, which has to be admired, is a success.

padfoot300 - niiczk RHP 2009

I think it was last week we mentioned how one can learn from their losses.
It appears not all the time. Witness Costad falling twice for the same trap.

Farnaby - Costad RHP 2011 and Roadstar - Costad RHP 2014
(And nine other Red Hot Players have all lost exactly the same way.)

We bring the shutter down on these tales of misery with a Black win based on the
Queen winning theme. Look out for a very Crafty McNasty trap set by bluephantom.

saint isaac - bluephantom RHP 2011

red pawns

Solutions to Puzzles.
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