The Diamond of Despair + Mate Bait + The Duck in Mexico

The Diamond of Despair + Mate Bait + The Duck in Mexico

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The Diamond of Despair + Mate Bait + The Duck in Mexico

The Duck is currently with Smitty Time in Alberta (Canada.)
Smitty has sent a picture of The Duck sitting on a frozen bird bath.

The Duck Ice Bathing

And here I presume is Mr and Mrs Smitty playing chess with The Duck looking on.

The Smitties playing chess

(someone start up a thread organising a whip round for the Smitties so they can afford shoes.)

The Smitty family went on a holiday to Mexico and of course took The Duck.
(At last of picture of The Duck in a warmer climate…see bottom of the page.)

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On the forum recently I showed the game greenpawn - talzamir RHP 2013.
which end thus.

This mating pattern cropped again in one of my recent games.

I call this one ‘Mating Bait.’

Greenpawn - Beatlemania RHP 2013

The OTB ‘bread and butter’ way.

Frigola Fluvia - Algarra Paya, Joan Gelpi memorial 2004

But this is good and very instructive for all of us push a pawn and think later guys.

X. Luo - G.Voelsgen, German U-16 Ch 2003

The German under 16 Championship.
Let’s see what the kids were doing back in 2003, see if we can learn anything.

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But that is enough of me and The Duck.

What have you guys been getting up to.

Refusing checkmate to get a three fold repetition is a good starter.

sonic snow - hjcpa RHP 2012

And I’m afraid I have another one of these.

Hyde Park - nijin RHP 2012

And there is more.

TUBTUB - coquette RHP 2012

perthboy - brumbie RHP 2011

Where we find Black missing mate in two four times.


OK. One more. This is the best out of the lot. Both players miss mating their opponent.

chucknorit - Jace Johnson RHP 2012

Finally we end with a game I call……..Hmmmmmm….let me see……
We have had the RHP Jewel of Doom…………….

The RHP Diamond of Despair

KingMikeB - I need 2 Kings 2011

Often we see amateur students playing opening moves like a4 and a5 to bring
their Rooks into the game via a3 and a6. This attractive idea is soon shelved
either by experience or it is coached out of them.
(Coaches have to be very careful how they advise. This idea will be to the
player original and unique. Don’t trample on their dreams.)

Here it works in a wonderful fashion. Throw in both sides terrorising the neighbourhood
with their Queens (13 moves = White 5 Queen moves, Black 8) and you have
all the ingredients for a Diamond of Despair.

The Duck sunbathing on a beach somewhere in Mexico.

The Duck in Mexico

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  • Posted 2435 days 16 hours and 8 minutes ago
    Standard memberSmittyTime
    The Smitties are back in Alberta, no new shoes, but duck in tow. The duck will soon be on its way to Yale university, where surely they play only the best chess.

    PS, the diamon of despaire is amazine.
  • Posted 2438 days 22 hours and 12 minutes ago
    Hi Gezza.

    I can only see what I see on the score.
    Of course one player may have claimed a draw or offered it.
    Short of actually asking the players I have no way of knowing and
    if I did ask the chances are they could not remember. 🙂

    I think the lesson is before taking a draw make sure it is a draw.
  • Posted 2438 days 22 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Comment removed
  • Posted 2439 days 3 hours ago
    Standard membergezza
    Hiya GP,
    In Hyde Park - nijin , you said ... game agreed drawn.
    This was actually the third repetition of the same position, 1b, 3b, 7b. Surely either side could have claimed the draw?
    Also in perthboy - brumbie , the same position was repeated 5 times. I guess RHP should not enforce the rules, but surely either side could claim? I guess it is of interest if white spots that he could be mated, but black does not (yet).
    Amusingly (for me), in positions such as perthboy - brumbie , I immediately spot the material gain of 2. ... Qe3+, 3. ... Qxg5+, but not so quickly the 3. ...Qe4/Qf3#. I'll have to watch out for that.
    Thanks for the examples.
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