The Duck at Yale + Traps in the Sicilian

The Duck at Yale + Traps in the Sicilian

The Planet Greenpawn

The Duck at Yale + Traps in the Sicilian

The Duck has left Mexico and Canada and is back in the USA
staying with Kareemelbadry.

Here he is with a bust of Bobby Fischer…

The Duck and Fischer

…outside the Yale University Chess Club.

The Duck is off to a chess congress soon so next blog will have pics
of that. (hopefully without Kareemelbadry’s thumb.)

I can spot the word ‘Chess’ from 20 paces.
I picked thus up for 10p in a junk shop.

Naffo CD

No I have not gone all sappy and soppy. I don’t dislike poetry I have just never got into it.
Under normal circumstances I would not pick this up but I was curious to see if they had
on it ‘Eskimo Nell.’

But what caught my trained eagle eye was this on the back of CD.

Chess Poem

OK it’s not ‘Eskimo Nell’ but I had to give it a listen.
Naff…nothing to do with Chess.
I suppose he could not find anything that rimes with En Passant.

In Thread 152579 Wandering King posted this position.

White to play and win.

As the Wandering King says it is a nice easy one.
Worthwhile looking at the whole game as it is an Anti- Dragon Trap
and it's always beneficial to look at the build up.
(Good name for a Chess Author that one: Benny Ficial)

Blatny - Dasek Chocen, 1950

Of course the lead up play has been seen on here but in this case the RHP player does not
fall for the trick and the two lads produce a game with an interesting couple of sidelines.
(of course it ends in a blunder but this is RHP, what else do we expect!) 🙂

ROGERHALES - nedjeljkod RHP 2010

The opening moves of this game hides a trap that has caught 10 players
with the exact same move order.

roma45 - King Mob RHP 2011

Amongst the 10 victims who fell for this trick one escaped.
He did not lose his Queen, he lost his f-pawn and won a Bishop.
Watch as the whole thing blows up in White’s face.

domadorcaballos - gjorgjit RHP 2007

And now this:

How often have I said that we at our most vulnerable when playing that winning move.
Yet another example. Behold!

Sirveyor - venda RHP 2013.

Venda (who sportingly drew my attention to this game) is on the brink of
winning. Just one move to tidy things up and job done. Alas…..

This game was sent to me as an example of a mate from out of the blue

Zbyszko - Alistair72

Which brings us on nicely to another batch of….

What Happened Next

…where you have to find the lemon that was actually played in the game
based on the clues I give you.
I like these because you cannot cheat and use a computer unless it has a setting
called a Red Hot Pawn player.

ErniXX - gq80nn RHP 2012

Black. A whole Rook up to play.
White then mates in two…..with a Knight.

jrdavid68 - BTLynx RHP 2011

Black to play and White helps him to mate himself in two moves.
1…Qe1 2.Kh1 Qxf1 mate is one way. But what do you think happened?

RDM - Chippy Minton RHP 2010

Black to play. White mates on the next move.

I need not say anything. It’s obvious what Black is going to play.
You know and I know that Knights on the same file make pawns smile.

Black played 1…b5 forking those pesky Knights and one of those pesky
Knights then checkmated Black.

agent33 - karantzis RHP 2012

White can mate in one move with.
1.Qd7 or 1.Qc6 or 1.Qb5. What happened next?

interskyboy - blades87 RHP.2011

I wonder if anyone on here has a position where they can deliver checkmate
with either Rook but miss it.
And then 8 moves later his opponent has a chance to mate with either Rook.
Nah…Too many if’s.

White to play. What did White not play. (two answers?)

We end with a marvelous mating pattern.
After seeing this you will rush off to your Chess Clubs to show it to your chums.

fdeysel - sose RHP 2005

The Duck, again with Kareemelbadry’s thumb outside the Yale University Dinning Hall

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Comments (10)

  • Posted 2392 days 10 hours and 40 minutes ago
    Hi craigy

    Better to have posted in the thread link there we can throw the bits about and show diagram.

    I very rarely look back in here and only know someone
    has replied in here when I get an email, I look in there once a week.

    I was pointing out the trick and expecting a refutation,
    but there appears not to be one.
    Maybe White saw it went nowhere, or missed the whole idea,
    or feared there might be a refutation.

    After Bxc3 the e-apwn will or should fall and the game looks evenish.
  • Posted 2393 days 3 hours and 9 minutes ago
    Standard membercraigy
    Hi greenpawn,
    In answer to your question on move 11....O-O in the game ROGERHALES - nedjeljkod:
    I don't see an outright refutation, but black could play Bxc3 (where Qxc3 loses to Qxd6), so bxc3 means the pawn advantage becomes just double c pawns.
    I also wonder how easily white would be able to hold his own e6 pawn. Bear in mind the bishop on d6 is in a tactically precarious position. E.g. After Rf6, black threatens Qxd6, Qxd6, exd6, e7+, Be6 where the a8 rook blocks promotion, and white's lack of development means he is no longer able to support the e pawn.

    I like the idea though 🙂
  • Posted 2403 days and 23 minutes ago
    You cannot.
    Go to the blog link and post it in the chess forum.
  • Posted 2403 days 11 hours and 20 minutes ago
    Standard memberPop Poptom
    how can I enter diagrams in my Comment
  • Posted 2405 days 23 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Hi Gezza

    I was wondering when someone would notice that.

  • Posted 2406 days 3 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Standard membergezza
    Hi GP,
    Don't know if you can edit, but
    jrdavid68 - BTLynx RHP 2011
    the comment should be d3 for white (not d6).

    Thanks for these - I play the Sicilian regularly, or at least the first few moves.
  • Posted 2407 days 22 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Standard membergumbosis
    Just found your blogs. Very entertaining and instructive, thanks.
  • Posted 2407 days 23 hours and 5 minutes ago
    Hi Vgunzler

    Yes as it said in note:

    "White now goes for Legal's Mate."

    An idea that crops up time and time in many settings.

    Remember only a piece pinned to a King cannot move.
  • Posted 2408 days and 48 minutes ago
    The last one (fdeysel - sose) is a variation of Legal's mate, no?
  • Posted 2408 days 9 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Standard memberKareemelbadry
    Pfft...My thumb is by far the most beautiful part of either of these pictures.
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