The Duck at Yale + Sicilian Traps

The Duck at Yale + Sicilian Traps

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06 May 08
02 May 13

Loads in this one.

A picture of The Duck with a bust of Bobby Fischer.

A game inspired by a post from Wolfgang which leads onto
a common trap in the Sicilian with plenty of RHP victims.

The answers to the What Happened Next I posted in another thread.

A game that ends in checkmate after 14 moves with the Knights thus

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29 Oct 09
04 May 13

In this position

how about d5? Here Black actually wins:

(Leon Rosen vs Amos Burn, 1900, Paris)


06 May 08
04 May 13
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Hi Wandering King.

Always good to talk Chess.

Anything is better than 8...dxe5.
8...d5 (8...Ng4 has some theory attached to it) should lead to a difficult
game for Black.
I would be inclined not to trade Queens after 9.exf6 dxc4 but play 10.Qf3.

White has easy development and can cook up things. Black is on the
back foot for a while.

But it will, as always and as in the game you posted, Leon Rosen vs Amos Burn,
swing towards the better (or luckiest) chess player on the day.
However I'd be very reluctant to say 8...d5 was the turning point especially
as the game went on for another 50+ moves.

White spurned a clear draw on move 37.

He could have played 37.Rxe8. ½-½.

Instead he played 37.Rg7 perhaps toying with the idea of getting
his Bishop covering f8 then playing Rxg6 and f7.

(when you see this wee moments in games it's always fun and perhaps
instructive trying to figure what was going on in the player's mind.
Here is the basic bones of the idea.)

White plays Rxg6 and f7 wins.

...but he only succeeded in getting his Rook stifled.

Black's King is too close for the Rxg6 trick. (so well spotted Amos Burn)

Black kept the Rook of the game long enough to roll up his c-pawn
and create some serious winning threats which materialised.

Here is a very good game from RHP with 8...d5. and the Queens swap.
Again it's not the critical losing move but it does have a plausible
and instrucitve follow up.

Yozzer - Beorn RHP 2005

Yozzer User 125517 was banned in 2005, apparently he was a FIDE referee.
Usually I stay away from banned players games (If I know that is the case)
but in this short tactical game I can see me or any half decent player
making those White moves after Black played e5.

It's basic roots Chess, I attack something, you defend it, I attack the
defender, you defend the defender, I attack the defender of the defender...
A game that would not look out of place on a demo board in front of juniors.

Colorado Springs, CO

26 Mar 07
06 May 13

Hey Geoff, great blog as always!

I am going to the National Open in Las Vegas a month from now. I would be happy to bring Mr. Duck, and maybe even be able to get some pics of him similar to the closing credits of "The Hangover" 🙂


06 May 08
07 May 13

Hi Tim.

There is a queue for The Duck next stop I think is Asia.

I hope you guys are not opening up the Duck stuff it full of drugs
to ship world wide.
I fear I am going to end up getting arrested and The Duck will be exhibit 'A'. 🙁

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