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The Duck

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The Duck


This picture of a coral Knight carved out by the sea....

A lump of rock

....Was sent in by mikelom.

The woman in the picture is apparently Lotti McCrinkle the well known deep sea diver
Who holds the world record for holding her breath underwater. 10 minutes and 15 seconds.

Anyway, whilst pearl diving off the coast of Finland she saw this piece
of coral shaped like a knight and lugged it to the surface.

Mikelom, out hunting whales, saw Lotti and the Knight shaped piece of coral
and harpooned both of them onboard his ship.

Mike married Lotti and together they put the piece of coral up in their garden.

(Is any of this true?.................Russ)

I've no idea.
I'm simply minding my own business when someone sends me a picture
of a chunk of rock with holes in it saying it looks like a Knight.

(And the girl?......Russ.)

That is definetly Lotti McCrinkle.

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The Championship stats so far.

Games played 6902. White wins 3446 Drawn 225 Black wins 3231

We start with three Championship games on the theme of Legal’s Mate.

Here is an example of Legal’s Mate.

Exuma - souleater RHP Ch 2012

You get the idea?
The pinned f3 Knight moves offering the Queen. If Black takes the Queen he gets mated.

cdwasserman - cadwah RHP Ch 2012

Same idea though this time it is unsound. (but it works.)

gnjert - polarbear RHP Ch 2012

Twice White misses a chance for Legal’s Mate. He does however find
another way to sacrifice his Queen.

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The Duck

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Well you heard the duck. apparently 2…Bd6 is crap.

I have two very entertaining games showing Black winning after 2…Bd6
but in both cases White could have obtained a very good game.

frostbite99 - skinut1 RHP Ch 2012

All good fun. Here is the other.

equimanthorn - legendnz RHP Ch 2012

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Hello again and thanks greenpawn for letting me back onto this glorious
and famous blog I have long been a…..

(get on with it you twerp……………..greenpawn)

Loads of beginners primers tell us that Bishops are better than Knights
and often offer us this position.

The Knight is trapped .

Well look at this example and watch the Knight turn the tables
on the Bishop on an open board.

White to play and win.

In this next example….

(that’s it…………….greenpawn.)

But the duck got two games and I have this super-duper ending….

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Trust me on this boys. No matter how bad your position is average players
will very often slip in a slack move.
You must be alert to snatch opportunities as they drift past. They will appear.

Trust me on this boys. No matter how good your position is you will very
often slip in a slack move.
In lost positions your opponent will snatch opportunities when they appear.
(here is the exception…there is always an exception.)

Look at this position.

It’s from Heatonite - rabnes RHP Ch 2012. White to play.

White is the exchange up and is crawling all over Black.
Black is busted.

White played 1.Nxf7??

So lets us look at what never happened.

Same game. This time there is no exception. Black took his chance.

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We end with two games where wins were scorned and both players lost.

kiadvent - Talem16 RHP Ch 2012

White to play.

Good players will see the Queen sacrifice and the 4 move mate right away.
It is one of the most famous mating patterns in chess.

But if you have never seen it before then you will miss it.
How many of us had to be shown when first confronted with this position.

Here is it more instructive because both a Rook and Knight cover g8.

peonperdido - lfa RHP Ch 2012

lfa has a what I would call a simply mate but misses it.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 146551

(That excellent study used by Edngame Ernie was A.V. Saritsjev, 1948)
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