The Levon Aronian Joke. (and it was on me!)

The Levon Aronian Joke. (and it was on me!)

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The Levon Aronian Joke. (and it was on me!)

How about this for an idea.
Title here

Copy this picture, print it, carefully cut it out (get an adult to do that bit for you)
paste it onto a piece of stiff card and mail it to your favourite Red Hot Pawn Player.

Next week I’ll be publishing the names and address’s of all the R.H.P. Players.

Another Christmas idea is this chess book for those merry Red Hot Pawn
chess players that keep falling for opening traps. (see the end of the blog)
Title here

Wait a minute, let us zoom in on the chess set on the cover.
Title here

Oh Dear. Sack the photographer.
red pawns

The Levon Aronian Joke.

L. Aronian - M. Vachier-Lagrave, European Team Championship 2015.

This is the final position where Levon resigned.

And it caught a few people, including me, out. I thought that White
had lost on time proudly declaring that this position is clearly drawn.

But this study by Bernhard Horwitz (1808-85) is a forced win.

White to play and win.

And now the other line in Horwitz study.

So where what is the joke in Lev Aronian resigning? Let’s look at it again.

Lev resigned wondering how many people would stumble (guilty!).

I have some lovely instructive RHP example of a Bishop v Rook Pawns.
Where we see ideas very close to the Aronian game. Bishop sacrifices.

allstarjaffe - secret squirrel RHP 2009

Up next we see a Bishop sac that should not have been taken.

stephenwale - leventkaragol RHP 2004

We end this peek into the wonderful and mysterious world of Bishop and
Rook Pawns with one last game and your typical Red Hot Pawn Ending.

drewsit - hoededoe RHP 2011

red pawns

But it is not the end of Bishop and Pawns blunders because here is a wonderful
trap in the same mode as the . stephenwale - leventkaragol game I gave above

kruk - richard1234 RHP 2007

red pawns

I hinted earlier that a couple of opening traps were coming up.
For this wee section we will be using this excellent book.
Title here

Steve expresses disbelief that any 1900+ player should fall for this trap.
The American player Kasdan fell for it against Pilnik in 1948 . We of
course can do better, we have an RHP player who has fallen for it twice!.

daddyg - mihai52 RHP 2009 & albinos - mihai52 RHP 2010

This next one has caught more OTB payers than RHP players but we have a couple.

rezantsev - Crazy Russian RHP 2008 and Augustkim - autolycus RHP 2011
Amongst the six OTB players we have Petrosian - Ree, Wilk ann Zee 1971.

red pawns

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