The Lewis Men and the Titanic

The Lewis Men and the Titanic

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The Lewis Men and the Titanic


I see once again the tale of the Lewis Chess/Gaming Pieces is making
the rounds again.

I have been having fun on and off with this subject for 10 years.
The latest argument is about the Bishop.

The Bishop was not introduced to chess till the Spanish put one on
the board in the early 1500’s.

So what is a Bishop doing in chess set carved in the 11th century.
(or about then, dates seem to differ but it was no later than 1200.)
I reckon the Bishop was always there but it was not a Bishop.


I went to the Edinburgh Museum where they have 11 of the pieces on display.

This is how they sell them and how they set up on the board.

old set up

This is how they should be placed.

Teh correct set up

All I have done is swap over the Bishop and Rook.
So when they saw a Bishop amongst the pieces in 1831 they put it on
the Bishop’s square. (a mistake that has lay unchallenged till today.)
The Bishop was carved NOT to be a Bishop, but to be a Rook.

End of argument. Let’s see what has been happening in the RHP Championship.

Games finished: 6541. White wins 3268 Draws 221 Black wins 3061.

The Headlines

The headline in The Metro April 17 2012.
So by a fantastic leap of the imagination I thought I’d look for
some Championship games were a Knight delivered the mate.

haritini - averagepianist RHP Ch 2012

Where the average pianist hits the wrong the note.

Lasker said one should develop Knights before Bishops and these Knight
belong on the Bishop 3rd square. c3, f3 and c6 and f6.
OK a teeny weenie bit dogmatic but good advice never the less.

OneUpliftMofo - ChemicalEdge RHP Ch 2012

Lasker also said if you see a good move then sit on your hands
and find a better one. This is very sound advice.

Swiss Toni - kingphish RHP Ch 2012

This next one is one of the best games ever seen on Red Hot Pawn.
It belongs in the books next to the games of Morphy, Fischer, Kasparov etc.
It’s such a work of supreme calculation and creativity that I may infact
get the final position tattooed on my chest.
When I showed this game to my friends they whooped with joy and demanded
that I find out who the winner really is so they could name their first born after him.
I will be sending this game to…..

(That’s enough of Knight Mates for this week……..Russ)

green bar

Staying with the Exchange French.

Pariah325 - Lightbug RHP Ch 2012

green bar
Right what next? Oh yeah the hat.

I picked up this…

The Hat

And as it was 100 years ago this month that the Titanic sunk so I put it on.

Me at the seaside

And went to the seaside…er….that’s it.

(You cannot leave it like that…you need a chess link……Russ)

Captain Evans worked for the White Star Line Company and it….

(is this true…..Russ)

I’ve no idea…..

Captain Evans worked for the White Star Line Company and it was onboard
one of their ships ‘The Skylark’ he invented the Evans Gambit.
Here is an Evans Gambit from the RHP Championship.

geo86012 - hfrcan jouwe RHP Ch 2012

green bar

We finish with the usual array of blunders.

rockatansky (1428) - jcozec (1974) RHP Ch 2012

Black’s one slack move goes unpunished.

gording (1139) - DragonLady (935) RHP 2012

Black misses a chance to poke fun at the White Queen and win the game.

We conclude with what could have been the perfect trap.
It had two nooses for White to step into. White saw the first and jumped
over it right into the 2nd noose.
Alas Black did not realise he had set two traps.
Don’t tell me there is no luck in Chess.

tacomakeeg (1483) - highmush (1289) RHP Ch 2012

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Comments (8)

  • Posted 2783 days 11 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Did he not also invent the lighting system used on boats today.
  • Posted 2783 days 13 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    Captain Evans didn't work for the White Star line. It's weirder than that. He worked for the government. On Her Majesty's (i.e., Viccy's) mail packet!

    Think of that next time you see your postie...
  • Posted 2786 days 22 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Anyone doing that Blackburne gambit for the Evans? The f5 pawn push?
    I still like it!
  • Posted 2787 days 5 hours and 47 minutes ago
    Standard memberuntergang
    Cheers GP, came in from playing crap at a congress this weekend and you've cheered me right up.

    Some people might say that coming on RHP straight after a weekend of playing absymal chess isn't the best idea, but screw 'em! :p
  • Posted 2787 days 8 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Corrected to 5..Ba5 - cheers.
  • Posted 2787 days 8 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Standard memberniddrieboy
    good blogging Geoff, remember watching a game with Paul Roberts at Musselburgh dancing two nights to trap and mate opponents king very entertaining
  • Posted 2787 days 8 hours and 16 minutes ago
    Standard memberKyplor
    Hi GP! Great blog. Lot's of good stuff to show us from this tourney.

    From: geo86012 - hfrcan jouwe RHP Ch 2012
    Note on move 5: "The most solid defence. 5...Bx5 and 5...Bc5 are the alternatives."
    Should the "Bx5" be "Ba5"?

  • Posted 2787 days 9 hours ago
    Standard memberTimmyBx
    Loved the averagepianist game (...that's what she said).

    Nice style points for OneUpliftMofo doing the knight fork pure mate, instead of the mundane Qf7#

    Great blog as always - lots of practical and useful examples!!
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