The Pawns in a Goldfish Bowl Winner

The Pawns in a Goldfish Bowl Winner

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I asked you to guess how many pawns in the goldfish bowl.

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The answer was (and Russ will confirm) 71 pawns and the winner
was Contenchess who came closest when he guessed at number 72.
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Next for your instruction and entertainment we have this piece of art.

It was composed by K.A.L. Kubbel, USSR 1936

White to play and win.
Sacrifice things.

Before leaving this wonderful wee puzzle we can squeeze another idea tuck away inside it..

As I said earlier, a Rook v Bishop and two pawns is usually drawn. Any
winning chances are usually with the Bishop and two pawns player.

mig21 - suicidebishop RhP2021

Red Hot Pawn players are losing drawn games by not realising that the wrong
Bishop for the Rooks pawn is a draw. Here is another example from last year.

inukjuak - fsmontenegro RHP 2021

green pawns

I was strolling through RHP games looking for an idea and happened upon a good
one but before we see this game I’ll slip in a study by D. Joseph from BCM 1922.

White to play and win.

So you get the defensive idea to watch out for a Queen sac allowing stalemate.

mikenay - Wiabj RHP 2007

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