The Queen Stab in the Back and Crossword

The Queen Stab in the Back and Crossword

The Planet Greenpawn

The Queen Stab in the Back and Crossword

Keeping up the three week old tradition of moving chess books covers.
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Let me know when you get bored....I have over 500 chess books.
red pawns

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You get four clues and if you answer them correctly you will spell out
the name of a famous chess player in the shaded areas of the crossword.
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Shut up Duck you are ruining it. I’ll do it again.
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1 .across: Name of a chess piece found in the brook.
2. across: A backward pawn on an open file is called ....
3. across: The object of the game is check....
4 across: If you do not play d4 in the Sicilian you are play an .... Sicilian.
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red pawns

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I’ve been playing in the One Day Ladder Thingy Thing. So far been lucky
as have yet to land on a snake and slide down (Snakes and Ladders gedit.?)

I’ve climb up 9 pages from 20 games using my strategy of challenging players that
have a lot of games on the go at the same time. Whilst I just stick to my one game.

All the games have had their moments these are two recent efforts.

greenpawn34 - Rhymester RHP One Day Ladder 2016

The next one features a Classic Bishop Sac with a Drunken Knight. I’ll explain.

In a usual Classic Bishop sac you have this set up.

1 Bxh7+ Kxh7 then 2 Ng5+ Kh8 and 3 Qh5 Here is an example from last year.

jb70 - tjx24 RHP 2015

As I mentioned one must always consider the Kg6 defence.

ZAPZ - Checkagain RHP 2010

I’ll show the standard mating routine in the Kg8 line.

ZAPZ - Checkagain RHP 2010 (analysis)

But when we have a Drunken Knight which are White Knights on h3 or a3
things have a new twist. Witness the cold cunning of White in this game.

Mathurine - Annikki RHP 2011

Which sets everything up nicely for my other game in the one day ladder.

Octavm - greenpawn34 RHP One Day Ladder 2016

Queen Stabs in the Back are rare. You see 100’s of Queen stabs in the side.

Black plays 1.Qxd1 - millions of them for both colors but rarely.

Black has just taken a Rook on d1. That is a pure Back Stab.

I’ve only found two Black Stabs in the back on RHP, here is one.

MechE - Natural Science RHP 2004

The solution to the crossword.
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Next week it's Russian Word Search.

If you have anything to say or add then please use Thread 168049

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Comments (8)

  • Posted 1342 days 1 hour ago
    Hi sigrunon,
    58.Qe1 is mate, it's correct. 58.Qd1 losses. (good book that Rampant Chess...We must write another.)
  • Posted 1342 days 19 hours and 50 minutes ago
    Standard membersigrun
    hi, RAMPANT CHESS: p 75 var: 58 Qh8 Qd1, not Qe1! just to show you that some people read your variations,2 !
    I like your moving covers 🙂
  • Posted 1344 days 13 hours and 5 minutes ago
    When you see comments like Liljo you know it's all been worthwhile (good game.)
  • Posted 1346 days 19 hours and 47 minutes ago | Edited
    Standard memberLiljo
    I actually used a variation of the Bishop Sac in a recent game to achieve checkmate in 9 moves. I didn't give up my Bishop, but I used the piece to draw out the kingside pawns and set up the checkmate. I got the idea from your blog, so THANK YOU!
  • Posted 1349 days 10 hours and 55 minutes ago
    I'll have to look at these more carefully...where is the instructive bit. 🙂
  • Posted 1350 days 18 hours and 57 minutes ago
    Hi Greenpawn34, no doubt about it, your blog is always worthwhile, realy instructive and good fun. I'm a fan.
  • Posted 1350 days 23 hours and 59 minutes ago
    Thanks Liho,

    Comments like that make it all seem worthwhile and it's all good fun.

    (the instructive bit is an accident!)
  • Posted 1351 days 17 hours and 22 minutes ago
    Standard memberLiljo
    This blog alone was worth the cost of subscribing to RHP. Instructive and delightfully entertaining!
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