The Quest to Bust MCO 9.

The Quest to Bust MCO 9.

The Planet Greenpawn

The Quest to Bust MCO 9.

On the 21 February 2015 Red Hot Pawn was 22 Years old. So….
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red pawns

Three things I love more than anything else in the whole wide world.
A good bum on a woman, under promotion with a check and a Quest.

So whilst browsing through the January 1959 edition of Chess Review
I came across an article by Walter Korn (yes he who does MCO) about
readers comments on the recently published Modern Chess Openings 9.

Walter writes he gets fan mail from punters who claim some of the moves
in MCO are simply wrong and their next door neighbour has busted them.

Most of the suggestions and improvement are simple oversights by the
writers but some letters do spot genuine errors in analysis or blunders
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The article then continues with analysis sent in by readers of MCO.
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I do not have MCO 9. There are missed checkmates in it…..….This is a QUEST!
So before you can say “Nick Nacky Noo” I hot foot it down to McSweens Books.

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The swindling dog had it, but it was priced at £11.99.
Now a quest is a quest but £11.99 is nearly £12.00.

So I ripped out the page I was after (don’t worry I’ll put it back.)
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Then into ‘Mates’ to look at the game in question.

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The Quest is over. Beware of what you read boys. Analyse the Analysis.

OK. Next step, anyone here play a Bg6+ and Queen mate down the d-file.

FvG1 - S Taylor RHP 2013

One from the Black side. This sadly is a mistake laden game by White but I’ll note it up.
I feel there are a few things worth pointing out. Infact there are 54 reasons to note it up..

be hot - pikejohn RHP 2012

red pawns

Also in the 1959 Chess Review I found this bright little game.

Posch - Dorrer, Vienna 1958

So has anybody on here played a similar game in this pawn grab variation.

rpsjr - Wiabj RHP 2008

We join the game just after Black has snatched the d2 pawn.

red pawns

We end with the ever miserable trip to RHP’s Corridors of Shame.
A popular feature this, I often get sent games to appear in this bit.

The Theme this week is players missing mate and getting mated.

kenny campbell - donut RHP 2008

Same idea only this time by missing the mate Black actually sets
himself up to be checkmated. There must be a chess term for this.

percival86 - clarencecuasay RHP 2008

Right I’m off to glue that back page into McSween’s over priced book.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 163059

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Comments (11)

  • Posted 1746 days 13 hours and 3 minutes ago
    Standard membersigrun
    not when my man walked past them!
    thx for reminding us to play blitz - haven't been there for ages
  • Posted 1748 days 3 hours and 55 minutes ago
    Hi sigrun,

    Are you sure, I passed the shops twice on Saturday. Both were open.
  • Posted 1748 days 12 hours and 27 minutes ago
    Standard membersigrun
    found both book shops & both were shut on Sat afternoon! Who wants their shop open on such a day? But we found a friend who was delighted to get them 🙂
  • Posted 1750 days 5 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Hi Vivify,

    I'll answer in the thread on this post - link above.
  • Posted 1750 days 8 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Standard membervivify
    On the Posche - Dorrer game, wouldn't black have been fine had he just played 11.Qd6?
  • Posted 1751 days 19 hours and 17 minutes ago
    Yes, a mammoth task indeed; it is a wonder there weren't more errors. I discovered another one in the Semi-Slav Meran variation; I'll post it over at the chess forum in a few days.
  • Posted 1751 days 23 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Hi Moonbus.

    Of course putting it all together is a mammoth task and an error
    or two is bound to slip in. I thought when MCO went algebraic there might be more. I'll know when I pick up one 2nd hand.
  • Posted 1752 days 4 hours and 46 minutes ago
    RE: percival86 - clarencecuasay RHP 2008: "unintentional help-mate."

    RE MCO9 Evans Gambit: the line was not carried over in MCO10 but was carried over in MCO11 (pg. 63, line 15, note L.) w/ the same error, and very nearly the same line appears in MCO13 pg. 105-106 Line 22 note o. I have corrected my copies. Thanks, moonbus
  • Posted 1754 days 11 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Hi Sigrun.

    The best place to sell books in Edinburgh is Main Point Books, Bread Street, Edinburgh.

    They are also the best to buy to from, they have a large collection just behind the door and another 50 of so at the back of the shop. (no MCO 9)
  • Posted 1754 days 14 hours and 50 minutes ago
    Standard memberData Fly
    I believe it's on the corner of Photoshop Street and Fevered Imagination Lane.
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