The Scotch Four Knights (The Duck's Back)

The Scotch Four Knights (The Duck's Back)

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And here are the Four Scotch Knight.

Title here

Sir Development
Sir Get Castled.
Sir Check all Checks
Sir …em…Sir…er

wee Duck

You are stuck you idiot.

Hi Duck where are you?
wee Duck

Lost in the post somewhere between South Africa and New Zealand.

Gosh. Any chance of us seeing you in the flesh again?
wee Duck

I doubt it. Have you got a name for the fourth Knight yet?

Sir......Press Your Clock.
wee Duck


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Chess Players and Pop Stars Look-a-Like No.92

A popular feature this one. This week it is Vasily Ivanchuk and Ray Davies of the Kinks.

ivan and ray

wee Duck

Is this the utter crap you have been doing since I was away?

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I found a trick/trap that Peter Svidler walked into and whilst looking to see if
anyone else had stumbled into the same trick I came across a game by John Shaw.
I know John so had a look at his game but where on earth is the venue Monadnock?

A bit of research (I looked more carefully) and I discovered it was not John Shaw
but an American called Alan Shaw. I was caught out by the Scottish name
of Black and of course Shaw. By coincidence I had been having a chat with this
Alan Shaw on another chess site so why not use the game. It’s instructive and it’s been a
while since I noted up a good player’s OTB game. The grades are from when the game was played.

A. Shaw (2150) - P. MacIntyre (2286) Monadnock Marathon 1996
(and don’t ask. I’ve still no idea where Monadnock is.)

Back here with Black to play.

White is threatening Kh2! and it was this that possibly prompted Black into
playing 31..Nc8. So I’ll shift the King from g1 to h2 to show what I mean.

Usually I show a good game (done that) and then show one of you lot messing it up.
Slight change of format now I am going to show a stronger player screwing it up.

P. Svidler (2495) - P. Malaniuk (2635) St Petersburg, 1993
(the grades are taken from the time the game was played.)

If it caught someone in the class of a young Peter Svidler then who else can it catch?
Twice Malaniuk has tried since the above game to trick another good player, next was
v Golubev in 1994 he did not take the bait with 16. Nxd5 and neither did Potkin in 2000.

Now I show one of you lot screwing it up.

wotan - lurkinggnu RHP 2011

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Do you remember the 1960’s Frank and Nancy Sinatra song:
“And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you.”

I’m going to spoil it all and do something stupid by adding another typical RHP game

Your typical RHP game runs like this. White drops a piece in the opening.
Undeterred White sets about pointing everything he has at the Black King.

White triples up his heavy pieces on the h-file and sacrifices his Queen thinking he
has checkmate mate, it’s not, but Black believes him and resigns in a won position

jeremyluerkens - abiselestes RHP 2008

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