The Secret of the Blog + Korchnoi 1965

The Secret of the Blog + Korchnoi 1965

The Planet Greenpawn

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So how do I go about putting a blog together?

On another site everyone was talking about Fabiano Caruana scoring seven out
of seven in one the strongest chess tournaments ever held, the 2104 Springfield Cup.

The young posters (anyone born after 1972 and all that) were gushing and jumping about
in a state of euphoria not seen since Fischer’s 6-0 match wins over Taimanov and Larsen.

Some of the older posters (those who were alive and thinking in 1972) mentioned a few,
to be fair to Caruana, ‘weaker’ tournaments where a player has dominated the whole field.

One player to be named was Victor Korchnoi and his almighty victory in the Asztalos
memorial in Gyula in 1965, In sparkling form he played 15 with 14 wins and one draw.
cross table

(another 7 players took part.)
Who He
This is one of the chess players who took part. (I’ve no idea who it is.)

Apparently in the one draw (v Lengyel), Korchnoi claimed his opponent was lucky!
I looked at the game in question, I could not see a clear win but I did spot the Korchnoi trap!

Korchnoi - Lengyel, Asztalos mem 1965. Black to play.

Black cannot play 1….Qxh3 due to 2.Bg4 winning the Black Queen.

Of course someone of Lengyel’s class is not going to fall into that but ….
…….and that is how a Blog is born. I dive into the pit of misery that is the RHP Database.

Nallapuh - Mahoutsoukai RHP 2008

The same theme is supplied by x9002243 (1331) - oiregor RHP 2011

We have an example from the White side. orgelsimon - pelle1000 RHP 2006

And whilst looking for Qxh3/Qxh6 tricks I was bound to stumble upon this wee beauty.

besaswp - vuelve RHP.2008

red pawns

Round two of the RHP Championship is under way but as I’m doing crap in it I’ll not bother doing a report.
red pawns

(Greenpawn….a report…Now!…………….Russ)

Round two of the RHP Championship is under way. Here are a couple of games.

WernherK - NN Cheap RHP Ch. Rd2 2014

Black builds a gallows, White puts his head in the noose.

sbacat - Burnsider RHP Ch. Rd2 2014

White builds his own gallows and puts his own head in the noose.

red pawns

A couple of mad moments from the games between me and sbacat

sbacat - greenpawn34 RHP Ch. Rd2 2014 (White to play)

White worrying about a possible h5 & g4 should play Rh1 or even c5 Instead, he told
me after the game he was playing and watching television, he played g4 and resigned…

When I played Nf4+ allowing me to record what looks like my only win in this round.

In our game with me as White this happened.

greenpawn34 - sbacat RHP Ch Rd2 2014

We end in the traditional fashion. Players from Round 1 walking into a checkmate.

masibill - vdramire RHP Ch Rd1.2014

Pariah325 - THPaladin RHP.2014

Where we see Black being given a free Rook, in return Black gives White a King.

musirapha - Villain RHP Ch 2014
Last week I praised the White player - At least this shows I have no favourites.

Denis Two

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