The Three Stoogies

The Three Stoogies

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The Three Stoogies

Hi Guys.

Had a spare 30 minutes to kill whilst waiting for Mrs Greenpawn to
conclude her losing battle with Mother Nature.
(she was putting on her make up).

I know where they got the term ‘make up’ from.

It’s from the phrase to ‘make up ‘ a false story.
She has the covering of the cracks and wrinkles on her weather beaten face
down to a fine art.
A dollop of this, a dosh of that, a splash of something else expensive
and suddenly she looks 2 years younger.

Anyway whilst this miracle was going on I grabbed a chess book.

Short Games

And spun though a couple of games at random.
I ran this over my board.

Reti - Dunkleblum Vienna 1914.

Dunkleblum resigns in 8 moves. Somehow you just know that anyone
called Dunkleblum is going to resign in 8 moves.

1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Bc5 3.Nf3 Nc6 4.Nxe5 Nxe5 5.d4 Bxd4 6.Qxd4 Qf6

Cunning Dunkleblum. Black is threatening to win the White Queen with Nf3+
Reti side-stepped this glass trap with the perfect reply 7.Nb5 Kd8 8.Qc5

The twin threats of Qxc7+ and Qf8 mate were enough for to Black resign.

I wonder if any White player has actually fallen for this trap and lost their Queen.

The RHP database never fails to supply the answer.
Here you will find so many tales of misery and despair that the very act of looking
at these games has had such a depressing effect on me that I’m now on medication.

Of course players on here have fallen for it. It’s one move deep.
Meet the Three Stoogies.

supposedly (Larry) - ppresedo RHP 2007
yosiman (Curly) - matth RHP 2007
alekk (and Mo) - SammyJ RHP 2008

And of course players have missed it, Black to move.

BOGDANTGJIU - pcmaurya RHP 2005 Black failed to see 7…Nxf3+

ch716 - Ian78 RHP 2008 Black to play

7…Nf3+ was not played.

We go deeper. Has anybody missed the Qf8 mate idea.

Telboy 2 - Spocks brain RHP 2006
lynxchess2005 - 3drico RHP 2007
APB - Ingenium RHP 2008

In all those games Black was mated with 9.Qf8 mate
(another 3 Stoogies!)

I should have stopped here but it’s like picking at a festering scab.
You just cannot stop playing through these games and soon you find
yourself screaming and shouting at a computer monitor.

The screaming starts at move 12. Feel free to howl along.

emperor31 - ChessPlayer07 RHP 2010

Not quite. We have yet to see the joyful exchange of moves between;

weap0nx - RedManc RHP 2008

White falls for the trap and losses his Queen.
Black farts about and White turns the Queen loss into a sacrifice.
(if he had won this he would have told his mates he meant it.)

This position dropped into White’s lap. White to move.

More howling I’m afraid.
26.Ba3+ and Black is losing. The more you look at it the more
distressing the Black position becomes.

White failed to see this check, instead he found a move that gave
Black a stonking attack and White was mated 10 moves later.

These games are not ‘made up’.
You could not make up games like these.

(Note how cleverly I link Mrs. G, ‘making up’ with ‘made up games’ I don’t
just cobble these things together you know, every word is carefully crafted).

weap0nx - RedManc RHP 2008

OK that’s enough.
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