The Torch + The Triple Hit

The Torch + The Triple Hit

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The Torch + The Triple Hit

Do you know what this is…..?

The Torch

That is the Olympic Torch going past my house on it’s way to Edinburgh Castle.

It’s not the first time a torch wielding mob have been to my house.
Thankfully this time they were not trying to chase me out of the neighbourhood.

They were partaking in some ancient ritual that dates back to 490bc when
Pheidippides, ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to tell everyone that the
Greeks had just won some battle. (I wonder if he was dressed up as a Spiderman)

Just round the corner from my house thousands, yes thousands, of people packed
into the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade where coincidently, between 1590 and 1700
over 300 witches were torched to death.

A few days later I was allowed to turn up late for work to take a few pics of the
2012 Scottish Blitz Championship which was being held in Surgeons Hall.

Here is Sam Collins (white) playing Simon Williams.

Scottish Blitz 2

And Danny Gormally (black) playing the tournament winner Sabino Brunello (Italy)

Scottish Blitz 1

green bar

Greg Williams (1297)- caissa100 (1328) RHP Ch 2012

I am going to put this game through the mangle. There are some amazing
unplayed moves and ideas.

We start with a position that could have appeared. White to play.

What would you do as White here? Have a think about it.

Dropping back the Bishop to b3 looks OK. It wins a pawn.

Try something else.

And the White Queen sac mate I mentioned in case Black tried 4…Kd8.

Greg Williams - caissa100 RHP Ch 2012 (continued)
Let us see the lead up play to the next interesting position,

OK we have seen all the ‘might have beens’. Let us see what happened.

So a Black Queen nicking the b-pawn. Fact or Fiction?

The stats from the RHP -1400 DB.

b-pawns captured by the Black Queen - 38,898
White wins - 15,146
Draws - 3,137
Black wins - 20,615

From the Mega Database of over 4 million OTB games.

b-pawns captured by the Black Queen -115,432
White wins - 42,358
Draws - 22,981
Black wins - 50,066

This all seems to be a reverse of what we are being told. But wait….
It’s all about the Black Queen wasting time in the opening to nick the b-pawn.

So we do the same models but this time we look at games of 20 moves or under.

The stats from the RHP -1400 DB.

b-pawns captured by the Black Queen game ends 20 moves or less - 4217
White wins - 1912
Draws - 86
Black wins - 2219

From the Mega Database of over 4 million OTB games.

b-pawns captured by the Black Queen. game ends 20 moves or less - 4848

White wins - 1885
Draws - 1209
Black wins - 1749

The RHP DB is not showing any proof in favour of White if the Black Queen
nicks the b2 pawn.
Only in the OTB DB under 20 moves does White has a lead of over 100 games.

All this proves…um….hmmmm……Let’s talk to Endgame Ernie.


Hi fans, today we look at a basic King & Rook v lone King ending. I know it’s very
basic but there are lads out there who do not know how to do this.

Welsh Witch - Burgs RHP Ch 2012

Black to play and mate in three.

Again taking a position from the actual game here is the winning method.
As I said earlier from the following position Black chased the White King around
the board for 30 odd moves and left with a draw.

Let us talk to the Duck.

The Duck

Hi Duck Dudes. In this game we see a…..

(wait a minute Duck. I saw last weeks baldy greenpawn joke.)

The Pink Duck

(Be pink for a week and anymore beak out of you I’ll unweb your feet.)

… this game we see a triple hit. It should have won but…..

TimAmbler - haritini RHP Ch 2012

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