The Unicorn and the Cyclops + the 2018 Olympiad

The Unicorn and the Cyclops + the 2018 Olympiad

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A Unicorn playing with a Cyclops is an accident waiting to happen.

The Unicorn and Cyclops syndrome in Chess is a Rook and King.
Often in Rook endings the worse thing you can do is have them
playing together on adjoining squares. Accidents waiting to happen.

When I say Rook Endings I do mean Rook Endings. We have over
1,300 examples of a King and Rook v King and Rook (nothing else).
The lads play on for a few some cases quite a few moves
just to see if either walks into a skewer or a Unicorn Cyclops accident.

OomPaul - PantserKoos RHP 2012

Another? Yes. We have 1,300+ to choose from.

Norm Budman - Chollywood RHP 2017

One more. This time the Unicorn and the Cyclops are lucky because they get away
without being tripped up. But they never learn and along came the inevitable accident

Mari Carmen Medina Gonzalez - Blade1968 RHP 2017

The Unicorn and Cyclops Syndrome will soon be entering chess literature.
red pawns

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As I type this the Chess Olympiad is being played in Batumi (that’s in Georgia.)

Below is a link to the official website. Unlike other recent official websites
I have had the misfortune to frequent in the past this one is by far the best.

It’s smooth, detailed, up to date and everything else is where it should be.

2018 Chess Olympiad

As usual, like a vulture I haunt the lower boards looking for things...

S. Yearwood (Trinidad & Tobago) - N. Nadirjanova (Uzbekistan)
Women’s World Chess Olympiad 2018 Batumi (round 1)

A Battle of Back Rank Mates.

Now a couple of sly and cheeky attempts at stalemate.

J. Fatima (Timor Leste) - J. Garcia (Mexico) (round 1) Olympiad 2018.
‘OOPS! I’ve Left My Queen Hanging’

Another stalemate. This one is cruel.
J. F. Nelis Jean-Francois (Monaco) - O. Garber (Gambia) (round 1) Olympiad 2018.

We end with a wee trip up to the top board and a might have been.

Wes So (USA) - Carlo Sanchez (Panama) (round 1) Olympiad 2018

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