The Zwischenzug

The Zwischenzug

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The Zwischenzug

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A Zwischenzug is when a player seems to have only one move at their disposal,
usually a recapture, but instead of playing it they slip in another move which has
to be dealt with right away (often a check). Then they play the expected move.

It is much easier to show an example of an Zwischenzug and this one is perfect.

A. Virkud - I. Krush, U.S. Women's Championship 2012 (Black to move)

It appears that Black can win a piece with a sham sacrifice of the Queen.
1...Qxd4 2.Qxd4 Nb3+ winning back Queen. But then White has 4.Bxe4.

Here are a couple RHP games making good use of the Zwischenzug.

minnekeer1 - Yangtze RHP 2011

This next RHP game is good. The Zwischenzug is four moves long.

stark - FBrosch RHP 2018



Actually the game in the Harry Golombek book is:

L. Steiner- K. Helling, Berlin 1928
Greenpawn and a few other on RHP have played the exact same game.

A very common setting for the Zwischenzug is this idea in the following position.

Tijl Uilenspiegel - karellen RHP2020 (white to play)

17.Nd5 Qxd2 and before taking back on d2 White played 18.Nxe7+ and then 19.Qxd2.

That tactic (Nd5, Nxe7+ and Rxd2) in it’s many shapes and forms has appeared on RHP
280+ times and many more in OTB play. Indeed this position is well known to theory.

The debate since 1956 has been can White play 12.Nd5 Qxd2 13.Nxe7+ and 14.Rxd2
because within it lay a Queen sacrifice idea (used by Tal and Larsen in similar positions.)

I’ll give an OTB game because RHP examples with the Queen sac are rather thin on the ground.
Hopefully after seeing this it may ignite a spark in future games. I have played it OTB and won
with it as Black. Not sure if I would have gone for it without seeing it played elsewhere first.

G. Shurgulaia- D. Jojua Tbilisi 2001


I enjoyed that. I'll invite him back again.
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