Unheard Melody + Puzzles + Capablanca's Tears

Unheard Melody + Puzzles + Capablanca's Tears

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Unheard Melody + Puzzles + Capablanca's Tears

Don’t blame me. Blame…I can’t remember his name…I lost a blitz game
because I missed a simple checkmate in two by trying to be a clever dick.

Punishment in such cases is swift and sure. Solve six simple Checkmates.
I had to solve them so you have to solve them. It’s the RHP Blog rules.

The postions have been taken from this book

In all cases White is to play and checkmate in two moves.
They are not difficult. The solution is under each position.

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1.Rg7+ fh8 or Kh8 then 2.Rg8 mate.

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1.Nxa7+ Kd7 2.Bb5 mate.

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1.Bf7+ Kg4 2.h3 mate.

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1.Rh8+ Kg5 2.Rh5 mate.

I’m bored setting theses things up…let’s move onto the next bit.

red pawns

Unheard Melody

An unheard melody is an unplayed combination usually of a beautiful nature
that has been relegated to a mere game note and never appeared on the board.

History has given us many examples. Perhaps the most famous is:

Schiffers - Chigorin St Petersburg, 1897

This next one has a happier ending, the player missing the combo went onto win.

Tarrasch - Kurschner Nuremberg, 1889

The RHP Unheard Melody has to be the following game.

kiadvent - benda RHP 2012 (part I The Unheard Melody )

kiadvent - benda RHP 2012 (part II The Heard and Witnessed Disaster.)

red pawns

Not quite in the unheard melody category but never the less nice and instructive.

The Queen Skewer.

lfcstu - Geoffrey Darling RHP 2012

Red Hot Pawn moves that raised Casablanca’s eyes in despair.

A new feature where we look at RHP endgame play in all it’s glory.

Dasa - dirtysniper RHP 2011

Next White misses a win by not losing a tempo with triangulation.
tone5 - dd22 RHP 2014

One slack move and Capablanca faints.

celtictiger - odoodsdudes RHP 2014

As usual saved the best till last. In the space of three moves White goes
from having a won game, to having a drawn game to having a lost game.

markonix333 - nikolamiletic 2014

red pawns

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 163439

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Comments (5)

  • Posted 1727 days 23 hours and 1 minute ago
    We are all missing Defences. I just gave your post a quick look.

    I did notice a few double solutions when selecting them -
    some Tony mentions some not.

    This means next week we have to do it all again! 🙂
  • Posted 1728 days 1 hour and 10 minutes ago
    Standard memberjsweaz
    I was thinking Rf5, but missed QxB for a reply, although you would be up a nice exchange. Thanks greenpawn, that was fun, although I hope I never see one of my many blunders highlighted! Cheers!
  • Posted 1728 days 3 hours and 2 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    Hi greenpawn,
    I just looked a little harder and it doesn't work after all.

    1) Rf1+ Qxd5! stops the checkmate and since white's queen isn't on the board black has 2 extra minor pieces and white has an extra rook. So the trick with the double check motif is necessary.

    The scary thing is I'd have done 1.Rf1+ in a game and been disappointed.
  • Posted 1728 days 5 hours and 10 minutes ago
    Hi D.T.

    Yes that works as well. I told you they were easy.
    I think in that one Tony was really wanting to show the Rg8
    double check and mate motif.
  • Posted 1728 days 5 hours and 42 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    In the first of the puzzles, there 1. Rfx+ (x <= 5) Be6 (only move) 2. Bxe6# also seems to work, or have I missed something?
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