Updated Master Chess with RHP Games

Updated Master Chess with RHP Games

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Updated Master Chess with RHP Games


Someone said I should mention Clans in the blog.
As I am not a member of any clan (I’ve seen the Clan Forum) I never felt the need.

However I do have a picture of a 'Caro-Kann Defence Lovers' meet up.

The Caro-Kann Defence Lovers

Let start off with a wee puzzle.

Pawnb4dawn - Mahoutsoukai RHP 2011

White to play. Does 1.Qxg7+ work? (solution at the bottom.)

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The RHP 2013 Championship Stats Fantastic (last blog stats in brackets)

White wins so far 2538 (2391)
Black wins so far 2405 (2246)
Draws = 165 (154) just 4% of all games finished so far!

White Checkmates = 914 (875)
Black Checkmates = 810 (776 )
Stalemates = 3 (3)

406 (377) pawns have been promoted to a Queen.
6 (6) pawns have been promoted to a Rook
2 (2) under promotions to a Knight.
1 (1) under promotion to a Bishop

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I know 80% of you are just here for the fun of it all but a lot of you are
much better chess players than you think you are.
If you would only take your time!

Everytime it is your turn to move then the position has changed from the last time
you looked at it. Look to see how it has changed.

Some of you are putting together a nice game of chess and then ruining it by carrying
on with a previous idea from the last position.

Choose your candidate move and then look about to see if there is anything better.
Look for unprotected pieces. (anyway of taking advantage of it/them.)
Anything that is pinned (can more pressure be brought to bear.)
Any checks in the position? (ALL CHECKS must be examined carefully)
Pieces on the same file of diagonal (Forks, Pins and Skewers)

In the 2012 RHP Championship aga3 took his eye off the ball and threw away
a well played game by simply not taking his time.

aga3 - Perreby RHP Ch 2012

We fast forward to 2013 and I’m afraid it is aga3 again who supplies the example.

aga3 (1526) - Duckboy (1699) RHP CH. 2013

lundybishop (1924) - Tintin1963 RHP Ch 2013

White walks into an exchange sac and self destructs.
But concealed within was a smashing trade down combination.
Turning won games into a no nonsense straight forward win is a skill
often found wanting by the lads on here. Store the idea.

chmrjg (1684) - happyrock (1533) RHP Ch. 2013

A 20 mover. On move 19 Black plays the most obvious move on the board.


stardogon (1650) - AccStanfc (1632) RHP CH. 2013

White is sailing along very nicely and very much in control.
Suddenly he sees a threat that is not really there.

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The Chess Murder

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There is a new updated version of this book out.

Mastering Chess

For those of you who have this book already I have to tell you it has been updated
with quite a few changes and a new author have been added.

My section on Tactics stayed the same (A pawn fork in 1980 is still a pawn Fork in 2013)
However I have added a new section on internet play with loads of examples from
RHP players.

Mastering Chess

Some of the players who appear in the section on the internet or in a puzzle.

jvecchio. gafford, OHM108, ptpoysa, kiadvent, greenpawn34, (who he?) talzamir,
Cheshire Cat, oishi, Schack, PeeHan, HandyAndy, earcy1977, thadeusman,
kinboshi, Vorsyth, intheories, mathemos, RiverThames, daisydidata, biloba,
johnyg, ZorroTheFox, moma, byrds32 , chesswoods, mixup1, patzdaddy,
Daromott, caluma, boblix, tbogodes, ntss, Quirine, gbjames, batjuchin ,Coach David,
JeremyS, inukjuak, netbka, rescued and Pawn Riot.

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Finally A piece of fun with a Voice Recognition Chess Playing Program.

> Voice Recognition Program

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Pawnb4dawn - Mahoutsoukai RHP 2011 (the solution)

I asked if White to play. Does 1.Qxg7+ work?

In the game White won with 1.Nxe6+ but the quickest win was…

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 155065
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