We Have a Checkmate With No Name

We Have a Checkmate With No Name

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We Have a Checkmate With No Name

In Thread 150869 64squaresofpain posted a good game that ended thus.

herrero - 64squaresofpain RHP 2013

What interest us is the final position.

The White King and Queen have swapped squares and the King is mated.

What we have here is a theme!

The first problem is what do we call this type of mate?
We have names for a number of mating patterns and just hearing these names
we know what happened.

“He fell for a Scholars Mate.”

“I fell for a back rank mate.”

“Nice game, ended with a Boden’s Mate.”

Four Mating Patterns

Going from left to right. Boden’s Mate, Anastasia’s Mate, Back Rank mate, Pillsbury’s Mate.

So if we had a name for a King being mated on d1/d8 with the Queen on e1/e8
we could visualize the position.
64squaresofpain calls it a King & Queen Swap. I think we can do better.

So challenge No1. for you lot is to come up with a cool name for this type of checkmate.

Some more RHP examples to inspire you.

DraganP - N2H4 RHP 2008

atri - Counterpoint RHP 2008

This next one has it all.
Both players promote a pawn, both players get in Qh4+ & Qh5+, the King & Queen
swap thrones and an incredible blunder. All in 13 glorious chess moves.

Tychoo (1369) - markobo (1429) RHP 2010

So we need a name for type of mate. Suggestions in the thread at the end of this piece.

green bar

RHP Instructive Game No.189

Actually it is an all too familiar tale of woe.
White is winning, Black goes from bad to worse to completely lost in a few
middle game moves. It’s over. Black plays on. He’s entitled do.
The one thing a losing playing dictates is when the game will end.

White starts to make legal moves and nothing more.
Black sends him a warning what can happen to him.
White spots the mate and then forgets it is still there.
Finally instead of playing his winning 44th move, Black can resign
or get mated, White walks into a mate in two.

jose sureda (1464) - HikaruShindo (1437) RHP 2012

We end with some wonderful pieces of RHP Chess.

dmr81 (1660) - john06 (1593) RHP 2010

Black is a piece down. But the Queens are still on the board.

This next one is good.
You have to laugh, else you will just cry and cry and cry.

Xpa6ap - zulma66 RHP 2008

Watch how cleverly White creates luft for his King so he can nick the h8 Rook.

OK boys. Thinking hats on. Give me a name for a King and Queen swap mate.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 150925

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