What Happened Next? (Disasters from RHP)

What Happened Next? (Disasters from RHP)

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What Happened Next? (Disasters from RHP)

Green Pawn

Ghosts, Forks and Pins……(I just typed that…now let me find an example
and from there it should find me a theme and some God awful blunders.)

F Carniel - seancool RHP 2012

cave - guitarpants RHP 2012

Is an example of what I was saying about a common faulty combination being played on here.

rigidwithfear - lazybutt RHP 2011

Same theme. You can never have enough examples of bad play to avoid,

This is funny White tricks himself with the above blunder not once but twice.

Odinson - Bobby nahas RHP 2012

Finally we leave this theme with a Bx7+ known to theory.

OdaNobunaga - FalseProphet RHP 2011

Right enough of that stuff. How’s about a….

A Thing

These differ from your normal set problems as here you have to look
for the bad moves that were actually played.
I have a feeling most of you will be good at this.

Ilir Meca - hsago RHP.2007 White to play. The game was drawn.
What Happened next? (No.1)

I know what you thinking.
Somehow White managed to swap his Knight and pawn for the Black Knight
and Black was left with the wrong Bishop for the a-pawn.

Close and well spotted but no coconut.

What Happened Next? (No.2)

ROOMS2004 - caissad4 RHP 2011

White to play and Black mated White in three moves.
(remember you are looking for bad moves.)

Which Black piece gives the checkmate.

What Happened Next? (No.3)

eric palmqyist - OMuniz860 RHP 2010 (Black to play)

You have to find a move that allows White to checkmate Black in one move.
Find the move that White played instead of checkmating Black and
then find the two moves that allowed Black to checkmate White instead.

Got that?
White misses mate one and allows Black to mate him two moves later.

I’m fed up with that, let us see a bit of instructive Showboating

nizziny - Kassi JB 94 RHP 2011

This wrap up follows the FIDE Rule Book on what determines a win.
It’s Checkmate. Not the winning of a Queen.
White to play. Go on…play to the crowd. Showboat a little.

Yes Rxe5+ is won easily. But how about White setting up is own Queen sacrifice
for a back rank mate.

green bar

We end with a very nice game

BillyDean - wolfgang59 RHP 2012

What was I saying….”…you have Nh5 Bd4+ and Ng3 tricks up your sleeve.”
Here it is in a very raw example.

tati1935 - ydnas RHP 2011 (Black to play)

You can see h3 has been played and to get the f-pawn up the board White has played Nf3-h2
and then f2-f4. The square g3 is flashing like a beacon.

green bar

I’m forever showing missed mates in one from RHP game.
Here is one from a recent OTB game.

McDonald v Alomenu in the Bishops Tournament, Edinburgh 2013

White played 18.Ne1 Black missed 18…Qxf1 mate and went onto to lose.

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