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Win The World Chess Championship

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Some of the penalty square instructions.
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Order today to avoid disappointment.

red pawns

Some positions to test your look ahead skills.

1) Black to play

Find Black’s killer 5th move.

2) (White to play)

Pick you way out of that one.

3) (White to play)

And easier one, but you have to spot the shot for it to be easy. (solutions below)
green pawns

Some sketches containing the Outside Passed A-Pawn.

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We start with a basic example.

reboot - Massimiliano Perna RHP 2017

Next a no nonsense approach from Black showing how it should be done.

stephen001 - tazforky RHP 2018

Now in typical RHP blog fashion this ending screwed up.
It’s not uncommon to see this ending misplayed on here.

Ruprecht - imetfischer, 2018

Another example of the no messing about way. Black takes it into a risk free ending.

Robert Matheson - MurphMikej RHP 2016

Now a complete typical RHP game full of missed tactical chances.

Mitchapolooza (1410) - bdh191 (1393) RHP 2018

red pawns

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1) M. Fuller - L. Evans, Haifa Olympiad 1976

2) M. Tal - D. Ciric, Sarajevo, 1966

3) H. Mecking - A. Rocha, Mar del Plata, 1969

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 180622
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