World Championship (Game 10)

World Championship (Game 10)

The Planet Greenpawn

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World Championship (Game 10)

no title

That is the header I was going to use for the tie breaks when cartoon chess
takes over. Now it looks very much like we will not be seeing tie breaks.

Nepo has a few games left to put a victory on the board, Carlsen won't take his foot
of the gas, the idea of whitewash will appeal so we should get a few good games.

Karpov - Korchnoi II was called: 'Massacre in Merano' so no doubt someone somewhere
is halfway though bashing out an instant book with the very witty title 'Disaster in Dubai'
But a couple of face saving wins from Nepo and the witty title can be tossed in the can.

The Rules

M. Carlsen - I. Nepomniachtchi, Game 10, World Championship 2021

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